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Information About GMAT Exam (CAT) Break-up

There are three different test sections in GMAT. They are as given below:-

Information About GMAT Exam Analytical writing The GMAT exam begins with analytical writing. It consists of two essays. There will be 30 minutes to complete each essay. The essays will be primarily on two topics as given below:-

  • Analysis of an issue.
  • Analysis of an argument.

Each of the 2 essays is graded on a scale of minimum (0) to maximum (6).
An essay will be corrected by two graders and the final outcome will be an average of the two scores awarded by the graders.
If there is any confusion between two graders then a third grader will evaluate it. What ever you are going to write in essay you have to support it with the reasons.

Information About GMAT Exam Quantitative Section Following an optional five-minute break, you begin the Quantitative Section of the GMAT exam. This section contains 37 multiple-choice questions. The questions are of two types:

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving.
You will be allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the entire section.

Information About GMAT Exam Verbal Section after the second five minute optional break you start with the verbal section test of GMAT. This section of the test consists of 41 questions which are to be answered in 75 minutes. The questions are of three types:

  • 15 questions are on sentence correction,
  • 15 questions on reading comprehension and
  • 11 questions on critical reasoning

They are all multiple choice questions. You can devote one to three minutes per question.

Information About GMAT Exam Scores

The marking in the exam is not done in a traditional way. Marking is totally dependent on the way you answer the questions. Answering difficult questions can fetch you a higher score. The first 1/3rd of the questions always carry a higher weight age. The difficult questions answered by the candidate have higher weight age.
Scores are therefore dependent on:-

  • Number of questions answered correctly.
  • The type of questions answered i.e. the difficulty level of the questions answered by the applicant.
  • The computer keeps building your score while you are attending another question
Generally the management schools do not publish the medium, average, or minimum required scores of their admitted students.

Most of the schools generally do not publish their cut off list as they will accept a student with a low GMAT score as well as a student with a high GMAT score so as to enable a healthy mix. The scores for the quantitative and for the verbal section will be counted together and for the AWA scores will be added separately. You will come to know about GMAT exam score immediately after the test excluding an essays mark. An essays mark will be sent to you within two weeks through mail or to your email ID. and these scores will be sent to those colleges which you had chosen before the test.

How to register for GMAT?

For GMAT registration firstly select a GMAT test center. Generally the test centers are test i.e. GMAT CAT throughout the year. You can register in any of the following ways

  • Online GMAT registration
  • Registering GMAT by phone
  • Registering GMAT by fax
  • Registering GMAT by mail

Fees for GMAT

The fee for GMAT is US $ 250 all over the globe. You also have to incur taxes when you schedule an exam in certain countries other than US.


To finally conclude a candidate has to bear in his mind that the GMAT is an essential element in his evaluation. And the MBA schools attach great importance to the test since it allows them to compare applicants from different backgrounds according to the same numerical scale.
At most schools, the GMAT is a deciding element for the acceptance of your application. Along with your undergraduate grades, your score on the GMAT determines your "academic ability". Although everyone refuses to compare it to an IQ test, the GMAT implicitly provides the school with an indication of your ability to follow the MBA programs.
Complete information about GMAT exam is important. It helps you prepare better for the exam. Knowledge about GMAT exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, score reports etc helps you direct your efforts in the right direction. For obtaining authentic information about GMAT exam, you can log on to www.gmac.com.

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