Estimating GMAT Scores

Your preparation for the GMAT should start by understanding the GMAT test pattern. You must have sufficient time for preparation before your GMAT attempt. Next thing you should do is to take a mock test without any preparation. Your scores on this test will guide about your take off level. With this you can estimate your GMAT scores in your actual attempt. Once you have set this target before you, you can prepare well. There are various software available on the internet that can help you estimate your GMAT scores. You may download any GMAT exam simulator that can help you take the mock test and then find out your preparedness level for the test.

Improving GMAT Score

Practice is the only solution for achieving your estimated GMAT score. Once you learn the concepts of the GMAT you must practice solving the sample questions based on it. There are a lot of study guides, coaching institutes and web sites that offer GMAT help. Almost every coaching institute makes you estimate your GMAT score. With this target in mind your approach becomes quite focused. With every practice test that you take you must try to achieve your estimated GMAT score. Once you cross this mark your target score should also increase.

Re scoring GMAT Score

Re scoring is not permitted for the Verbal and the Quantitative Reasoning sections. However, if your score in the Analytical Writing section is well below your estimated GMAT score then you can avail the facility of re scoring. You need to fill up the Analytical Writing Assessment Re score Request Form and send it to the GMAT customer service. You need to pay fees amounting to $45 for re scoring. your essays by an independent reader. Whatever the scores you receive during the re scoring. are considered to be the final scores.


You can not deny the fact that the GMAT scores play a vital role in your admission to your dream business school. Therefore, learn the exam pattern in great detail and be serious in your studies. The GMAT exam scoring system will give you a clue as to which of the subsections takes priority over the others. If you can estimate your GMAT scores then you can even make up your mind whether to take the next attempt immediately or not.

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