Crack the GMAT

Crack the GMAT with our Useful Tips

A high GMAT score is important for a successful application to a business school. As you may be well aware, the competition in business schools is fierce. Therefore, every point scored can help to make a difference and secure a position for you. Some business schools do not accept applications with a test score below the average score as stipulated by them. To crack the test, you need to formulate a preparation plan and know the proven techniques and strategies that are useful to score high.

  • Answer harder questions:

    The GMAT is available as a computer adaptive test that adjusts to your skills as you take it. Every question in the test has a different level of difficulty with the harder questions carrying more points. If a question is answered correctly, the next question comes from a pool of questions of higher difficulty. When a question is answered incorrectly, the next question is an easier one. Answering more number of harder questions will result in a better score than answering more number of easier questions since the harder questions carry more points. It is important to take time to consistently answer correctly to crack the test and score high.

  • Guesswork:

    The exam does not offer you the option to go back to a question to change the answer or allow you to skip a question without answering. In addition, there is a severe penalty if all the questions are not answered. You may not know the correct answer for all the questions and would be left with no other alternative other than guessing for the correct answer. In such a case, it is advisable that you do not make a random guess for the answer. Arrive to the correct answer using certain techniques such as eliminating the wrong answers. Check the conditions satisfied by each of the options provided and choose the one answer that satisfies maximum of the conditions given in the question. It is imperative to learn how to guess to crack the test.

  • Time Management:

    The GMAT tests your ability to focus and manage time in addition to your verbal and analytical skills. As time is a constraint in the test, it is important to learn to pace yourself. Spending too much time on a question can cost you dearly. Do not spend more than the stipulated time on every question. In case you are unable to arrive at the correct answer, move on to the next question. Arrange everything before you begin the exam, such as extra scratch paper, so that you can complete the test without interruptions. Time is the most important aspect of the test that you must learn to master.

  • Practice:

    Learning the techniques and strategies that help to crack the test will remain incomplete if not practiced thoroughly. Without enough practice none of the tips or tricks can help you to achieve the desired high score in the exam. As there is no fixed syllabus for GMAT, it is useful to take as many practice tests and old tests as possible. The internet is a huge resource for preparation and practice tests. There are many websites that allow you to take tests online or download them for free. The official guide books provide practice tests with actual retired questions. It is important to take as many practice tests as possible and apply the proven strategies to score high in the test. It is advisable to time the practice tests and keep a note of the mistakes so that you can compare later. The more you practice the better prepared you would be to crack the exam.