Books for GMAT


What are prep books?

When it comes to GMAT, the main criterion is to score as high as possible and having the best guide book for doing so. These guide books act as preparatory aid for your understanding of the exam as a whole. You will get to do exhaustive exercises of all sections of the test, giving you a detailed outlook about the pattern of the test. The test books are necessary for you to score well in the exam. They are an effective source of test papers. They provide you with dependable test strategies and furnish sufficient solved examples. With the correct books at your disposal, you can start preparing from scratch and strive to an advanced level of preparation with proper dedication. To get the most profit from these books, you need to invest a considerable sum of money in buying them.

Which are a few good books for GMAT?

Choosing the preparation books for the test is an important agenda as it involves a considerable sum of money for purchasing them. You can either buy them online or find them in a bookshop near you. Following are five best books for a comprehensive preparation for the test.

  • Cracking the GMAT

    The publisher for this book is none other than the Princeton Review. It is available at a price of $8.49 and found in a paperback format. The book comes with a DVD, 2011 edition, featuring four fully loaded online practice exam and more than a quarter of a thousand practice questions clubbed with proper explanations. It includes a deep study of the verbal, the quantitative and the analytical sections as well as a full-scale survey of data interpretation, mathematics, sentence completion and correction, reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning.

  • Kaplan GMAT 2011

    We all know that Kaplan is one of the best in line in publishing the best books. The employment of the correct strategy, the tips on a proper review and in-depth practice of the test papers are the three most vital essences of the Kaplan GMAT 2011 preparation book. It comes at a price of $13.21 and it is available in paperback. This provides an elaborate summary about the test content and the pattern of the test. The Kaplan preparation book contains two full-length test papers and more than a hundred practice papers. Kaplan provides enough study materials for your sure success in any business schools.

  • Nova’s GMAT prep course

    The best thing about this book is that it gives you a systematic approach to the questions posed in the test. About 15% of this book would let you understand the structure of the questions, giving you a detailed insight into them in order to make your test experience less mysterious. The first half consists of the MATH section including standard math and data sufficiency. The following part deals with the verbal section and the analytical writing assessment followed by the software introduction of the test. This book is priced at $0.51.

  • McGraw-Hill’s Conquering the GMAT Verbal and Writing

    As evident from its name, this book based on brushing up your verbal skill and improving your analytical writing skills, is published by the McGraw Hill and comes at $8.28. It is inclusive of thorough test papers and full-length sample tests that hones up your vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Manhattan GMAT Foundation of GMAT Verbal

    The basic properties about this book is that you will get 6 online computer adaptive exams, ample notes on the fundamental verbal knowledge tested in the GMAT and a dependable study course for fastening your central understanding and logic about the verbal reasoning section of the test. This book is published by Mg Prep Inc and comes at a price of $14.04.


Merely purchasing a preparation book will not guarantee your success in the test. You need to understand that these books for GMAT help you in being perceptive about the real test experience for enabling a thorough preparation. However, the groundwork or the practice has to be done by you. You need to focus well enough and dedicate enough time for the appropriate preparation.