Princeton Review for GMAT

Princeton Review-the Best GMAT Course

If one really yearns to crack GMAT, one has to screen a plethora of available courses and eventually find out the best ones to follow. The most famous among all the courses for exam preparation are the Princeton and the Kaplan courses. In this article we would discuss the Princeton review in detail, which is regarded by many as the best course. We would also briefly compare the Princeton and the Kaplan courses.

The Princeton Review:

Princeton Review provides many test preparation options for the students to follow i.e., they can avail private tuitions, classroom instructions, small group instructions, live online interaction courses, online courses at one’s own pace, preparation through Princeton review books, etc.

Private Tuitions: Tuitions are of great help to students and thus form an inevitable part of a program. One can avail a choice between an instructor led tuition or self-guided tuition. The former type of tuition comprises Premier tutors, Master tutors and Private tutors. Premier tutors are the ones who provide customized tuitions i.e., preparation materials are designed based on the level of each category of student i.e., average and outstanding. They are the most experienced fellows. While master tutors provide instructions to above average students. Besides, private tutors provide classroom instructions to a mass of students. One can enter one’s Zip code to find out the best tutor available in one’s area. While the latter type of tuition (self guided tuition) comprises taking an online full length test at one’s own pace and budget before an online instructor who gives feedback according to one’s performance after the test is over.

Small Group Instruction: One can have access to small group instruction if one opts for the best course. Instructions are given by the best Princeton instructors to a group of 4 students. Thus, every student gets his/her respective feedback about his/her performance. Preparation materials comprise both hard copy in the form of GMAT Manual and GMAT Official Guide, and soft copy of the lessons and practice sets online. Special emphasis is given on the quantitative ability section. Besides, Live Grader software is available with specialists to provide feedback on GMAT essays. Thus, if one really strives to join a class and simultaneously seeks individual attention, one should choose small group instructions.

Classroom Instruction: Instructions are delivered at the same time to a mass of students. One gets both hard copy and soft copy of the lessons taught in class. The major advantage of this type of instruction is that students get a lot of competition from their peers. One can compare one’s performance with that of the rest of the class. Besides, students form small groups based on their performance and comfort level with one another, and discuss several topics in groups to clear their doubts.

GMAT Live Online Class: The best course provides this facility where students learn as per their own level of intelligence, budget and schedule. They attend online audio and video lectures delivered by the best experts of Princeton review, take several full-length online tests and simultaneously get feedback by the instructors available online.

GMAT free events: Princeton Review, it provides an opportunity to take free online tests. Besides, one can get across the test forums where queries are posted and replies are received promptly. Blogs of experts are available to guide about the strategies to crack the exam.

GMAT books: The Princeton Review course provides a number of books to be referred to for the exam. Cracking the GMAT, which has been created and published by the Princeton Review, contains not only the previous question sets but also about 200 practice sets. Besides, proven strategies and techniques are mentioned to crack the test. One can even go online for full length practice sets using the CD available with the book. The other books created by the Princeton Review for GMAT test are The 1,012 GMAT Practice Questions (contains questions with their full explanations), The Verbal Workout for the GMAT (contains verbal ability section questions with full explanations), The Math Workout for the GMAT (contains quantitative ability section questions with full explanations), The Best 300 Business Schools, 2011 edition, etc.

In addition, the course asks one to furnish one’s profile information so that one can be guided satisfactorily about the list of business schools which would be in line with one’s expectation and profile. Besides, the course guides one to frame one’s resume and to prepare for an interview, which leads to the final selection.

We would now look at some other pieces of information to decide on the best course.

Every test preparation course has its own pros and cons. However, the best one has features that score over the rest in multiple dimensions. This holds true for the Princeton Review course. The most significant features that make it better than its closest competitor Kaplan are as follows:

  • The teaching materials and the books of Princeton Review (especially the course guide) score over those of Kaplan’s.
  • Small group instructions are very effective as they help students receive individual attention by instructors and provide them better chance to form close groups to study and to discuss doubts, while Kaplan’s contents are oriented towards providing instructions for large groups.
  • The price of Princeton’s course material is lesser than that of Kaplan.
  • Princeton is of great help online. It promptly and effectively answers the queries posted on its website.
  • The Princeton Review provides an incomparable workout for the quantitative ability section.
  • The strategies to approach questions are also very effective.
  • Some users feel that the simulated tests of Princeton Review are much closer to the actual test questions of GMAT.

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This is a competitive examination and requires a fair amount of preparation. Both diligence and selection of the right preparation material are important to ensure success in the examination. From the wide variety of materials available, it seems that the course material provided by Princeton scores over that of others and is widely accepted as the course of choice. We have summarized the key features of Princeton’s course material as well as provided a brief comparison with Kaplan’s course. This should be useful for students aspiring to get good results in the exam.