Best GMAT Books

The best GMAT prep books for you!

GMAT is considered to be the standard bench mark for some of the top management courses in the world. It is evident that a management degree will provide greater opportunities and GMAT is the gateway to these opportunities. When it comes to preparation, the student needs to be aware of the best test books available in the market and the use of each book so that he/she can use the book according to his/her own requirement and depending on his/her strength and weakness. The details and reviews of the best books available are provided here.

There are 3 sections in this exam so there are books that deal with all the 3 sections comprehensively but for those of you who would like to pay attention to 1 or 2 sections there are also books that deal exclusively with certain sections. The list of books dealt here are-

  • The official guide for GMAT review
  • Cracking the GMAT
  • Kaplan GMAT
  • Writing skills for GRE/GMAT
  • The official guide for GMAT quantitative review
  • Verbal workout for GMAT

As it is clear from the titles of these books, the first 3 deal with GMAT on the whole whereas the next 3 deal with essay writing, quantitative and verbal sections respectively.

The official guide for GMAT review:

This is undoubtedly the best test book available out there. This is mainly because this is the only book available in the market that is written by the creators of the exam and therefore it is the standard one. This book contains a large number of examples as well as exercises in all 3 sections to give the user plenty of insight into the various aspects of these sections. It also includes sample responses and various tips and techniques to maximize your score in the exam. It will help you to bust lot of myths that surround the exam and you will get a real time experience on how the test works. There is also a diagnostic section that will help you in recognizing your weakness so that you can work more productively. However it does suffer from the few drawbacks that any standard book would. Two of them are complexity (a bit complex to follow for beginners) and lack of strategies which may affect your speed in the exam. This book is however a must for anyone who is aiming to score high and only after going through this book should one attempt others. Overall it is a wonderful guide for your test preparation.

Cracking the GMAT :

This book will be helpful for those of you who don’t have much time for their exam preparation as it provides detailed explanations and easy to understand examples which can help you a lot even if you are short on time. The best feature about this book is that that it comes with a DVD including excellent video tutorials by the faculty from “The Princeton Review". They provide some very useful shortcuts and pacing tips for the exam which will help you to increase your scores. But then this book is quite simple for someone who would like to prepare exhaustively for a high score because the level of the questions is very basic. It can be used as a reference for concepts but not as a complete preparation material.

Kaplan GMAT:

If you don’t consider the official test books this can be called as the best test book around. It comes with a CD and email support so that you can continuously monitor your progress and ask for online guidance as well, but the sheer variety that it provides makes it exhaustive. It also comes with mock exams that will rate you very critically so that your actual score will be much higher. It gives some invaluable strategies in some sections like data sufficiency and critical reasoning, however some are not so good and you would be better off going with your instinct in such cases. It’s a good book if you want to score above 600.

Writing skills for GRE/GMAT:

This is an excellent book not only for people who want to ace GMAT but also for non-native English speakers who are not very familiar with writing skills. There are several high quality examples and tips on competitive writing and overall it is fun to read. This is the bible for the essay writing section and an indispensable resource. So those of you who find writing difficult should definitely have this one.

The official guide for GMAT quantitative review:

This book is only recommended for those who want to practice more and more questions from quantitative ability section. It does not cover concepts to a great deal neither does give preparation tips. This is not the book you would want to begin your preparation with. However what it does do is it gives you the insight on what type of questions are officially considered difficult and easy. Since this is a standard book it is better to go through it once you are done with your preparation.

Verbal workout for GMAT:

This book would be advisable for those of you who are not strong with the basics in the verbal sections. It deals very well with the basics and therefore for beginners this book is a must have. But that’s about it because there are very few examples and most of them are not really relevant in the present test scenario. So for serious practice any of the books suggested above will do fine.

Apart from these there are several other books like “MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing”, “Acro GRE/GMAT Math Review”, “Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook” etc. All these books can be bought online at, however buy only the recent editions of the books to get the best out of them.

On a concluding note it will be very beneficial for you to consult the official website for more details on the books available and use them as a guiding tool. All the best!!