Beat the GMAT

Beat the GMAT with these 5 Priceless Tips

GMAT is a computer adaptive test conducted throughout the year by the graduate management admission council (GMAC). Many of the top universities in the world consider this test to be the benchmark for their admission process. This means that GMAT is mandatory for anyone who is aiming to get an admission in a top MBA program.

As opposed to the general idea, GMAT isn’t the most difficult exam out there. It is actually quite easy when compared to CAT. The problem that most aspirants face however is “how to start preparation?” “When to start?” etc. Answering these questions can be very confusing sometimes. There are hundreds of institutes, coaching centers, web resources and online portals that facilitate your preparation and guide you on how to beat the GMAT. At this stage you should be careful in making your decision, because this decision will completely make or break your chances for GMAT. Given below are 5 invaluable suggestions that will help you take some important decisions and eventually beat the GMAT-

  1. Judge yourself:

    To beat the GMAT the 1st thing you should know is where you stand now. You should be able to judge yourself in terms of you analytical, verbal and numerical skills. The best way to do this is to take a diagnostic test. You can find such tests at a number of online resources and also in books. The best guide for you is, this is the official GMAT site and will give you several sample tests as well as lots of preparation materials. After you attempt the mock exam, analyze it completely from all aspects. If you feel that you are not very good at this analysis, get someone with a little experience to do it for you. This will give you immense insight.

    You will be able to judge your strengths and your weaknesses to a certain extent. This will enable you to give some direction to your preparation and concentrate on particular areas. Self assessment is certainly your 1st step to beat the GMAT.

  2. Join a program:

    There are basically 4 ways that you can choose to prepare for GMAT-

    • Through a coaching program
    • Self preparation through online courses
    • Self preparation through correspondence courses
    • Self preparation without using any programs

    You are free to choose from a variety of courses. These are only the basic ones available but they can be further divided into online tutorials, online live, private tutoring etc. Although it is completely an individual choice, it is advisable that you choose a course that has the involvement of a tutor/trainer if you want to beat the GMAT. Statistics over the years have shown that self preparation does not work when it come to GMAT. The GMAT does not have an intuitive way of preparation and involves many tips, advices, strategies and shortcuts that only an experienced tutor will be able to give you. So try to invest in a good tutoring program even if you have to spend a bit more. Some of the best programs available are The Princeton Review, Kaplan, Manhattan etc.

  3. Timing is essential:

    Most of the admissions and interview procedures start during Aug-Sept, so you will be better off taking GMAT around January. Remember that GMAT is valid for 5 years and you should definitely make use of this provision to suit your needs. The best time to attempt GMAT would be when you are freshly out of college. At this time you will be in touch with math and you will not have any pressures of working either. For more details on application and availability of venues, visit the official site given above.

    If you prepare during this time and attempt the test, you stand a much better chance to beat the GMAT. Once you have your score, you can go ahead and look for a job and work on making your application better. At this stage you will have almost 5 years of time to work on it!!

  4. Use GMAT forums:

    There are hundreds of GMAT forums and blogs available online. These provide many resources including tools for preparation, discussions, expert advice, experiences, suggestions and software applications. Joining one or more of these forums will help you a lot in your goal to beat the GMAT. Some of the benefits you can get from them are-

    • Clarify your doubts from experts.
    • Discuss new techniques and shortcuts for various sections.
    • Read others’ experiences and learn from them.
    • Access to downloadable material.

    Some of the forums that you should consider joining are GMAT Club, Beat the GMAT and GMAT score. Visit their official sites and for further details.

  5. Books are indispensible:

    Always remember that no matter where you study and how you study, never fail to make use of books in your preparation. The official GMAT guides released by the creators of GMAT are absolutely essential to your preparation. They are available on the official site Apart from being very good in concepts and examples, they also provide some great tips and tricks to beat the GMAT. Kaplan’s GMAT is another book that you should definitely use in your preparation.

These are essentially the main points that you should keep in mind before making your decisions regarding GMAT. All the other tips are branched out from these and you can find them on online discussions or in preparation classes. All the best!!

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