GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. Students intend to do an MBA need to take the GMAT Test. The Educational Testing Services conducts the GMAT Test(Graduate Management Admission Test). GMAT Test is a consistent test that is use by the graduate business schools to evaluate potential students. Students aspiring for admission in international business schools need to appear for GMAT Test. The GMAT scores help the institutions in deciding whether the impending student has the potential of being a successful business apprentice. Over a thousand management institutes around the world (Most of them are in US) require GMAT scores to be submitted with the application. It is prominently believed that the GMAT scores are more helpful in determining the student's performance in his first year than his undergraduate grade points.

The GMAT helps evaluate the

  • Verbal
  • Mathematical
  • Analytical writing

skills of the student.

GMAT Test concentrates on the Reasoning and Comprehensive skills of the student and hence does not require subject specific academic study on their part.

The GMAT Test is made of 3 separate sections.

  • GMAT Verbal
  • GMAT Math
  • GMAT Essay

The first section deals with Math while the second and third deal with Verbal & Essays respectively. The total GMAT Score as well as the GMAT scores of individual sections are equally important in GMAT Test. Though higher marks in a particular section could hold some prominence to specialize in a chosen area, like to specialize in Finance, high GMAT score in the GMAT math section could help to tip the balance; top marks are preferred in the overall performance. It would be advantages to the student to concentrate more on the GMAT Test sections that he may find himself lacking.

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