GMAT Prep Course

This article contains advice about how to choose the most appropriate GMAT Prep course. For a GMAT aspirant, this article shall be very beneficial. We shall discuss the pros and cons of GMAT prep courses. Besides, we shall also analyze the aspects required to b evaluated for selection of a GMAT Prep course.

GMAT Prep COURSE - Self Analysis

Self analysis is the first step towards GMAT preparation. You should judge your skill level and analyze the requirement of a GMAT prep course. Self analysis can be carried out in many ways and you can take professional help in case you are not able to judge yourself on your own.

Diagnostic Self-Analysis Test

Hurrying with enrollment to any GMAT prep course could be harmful instead of beneficial to you. Take a GMAT diagnostic test before deciding about the GMAT prep course you should take. This shall help you realize your skills level. Your strengths and weaknesses. There are many free diagnostic tests that you can access online. Take a few such timed tests and check your scores in them.

After you have taken the diagnostic test, you should notice your overall score, your score in each section, your score in each question type etc. You must also analyze the time consumed in attempting the complete test, the time consumed in attempting each section, the time consumed in attempting each type of question etc. On the basis of your score and the time consumed, you must make a list of your weak and strong points.

The GMAT prep course that you enroll for should be such that it helps you increase your competence and decrease the time you consume for each question. Such a GMAT prep course shall be ideal for you.

Personal Habits

Everyone cannot study in the same manner. We all have different ways of studying and different needs and requirements. Merely understanding your skill level is not enough for determining the type of GMAT prep course you should enroll for. You must also give thought to the type of person you are when you decide to enroll for a GMAT prep course.

If you can study better in a group rather than alone, if you prefer to plan your time and study accordingly, if you are not able to motivate yourself and need guidance and motivation at every step and if you are not disciplined enough to study on your own then you must enroll for a GMAT prep course. Else, you are capable enough to study on your own and can clear GMAT if you plan well for your preparation.


By enrolling for a GMAT prep course you are able to manage your time well and do not waste your time in futile pursuits. You are able to get guidance from experts who channel your energy well. You get constant motivation from your teachers and fellow students. You remain disciplined in your studies and the complete program in planned. You get immediate feedback on your performance and are told how to take immediate corrective actions. Besides, all these advantages, you study with fellow students and learn a lot from their experiences.

GMAT Prep Course ' Disadvantages

There are a lot of cons associated with a GMAT prep course as well. In the first place the cost of attending a GMAT prep course can be quite high. There could even be some institutes that are not capable of providing attention to individuals and hence your needs could be ignored. Some institutes are ill equipped to teach students well. They have poor quality study materials that do not help above average students well enough. At times you might not find experienced faculty. You shall have to be very careful about the above mentioned factors before you finalize the GMAT prep course that you enroll for.

Good Prep Course

Any good prep course for GMAT shall be run by an experienced faculty. The students shall be provided with numerous practice questions along with answer explanations. The study material provided shall be of a high quality. The faculty shall take care of each individual and focus on his needs. Following the practice tests there shall be deliberation over the mistakes and weak areas of students. There shall also be correction sessions for understanding difficult and un attempted questions. Any institute providing a good GMAT prep course shall also carry a good reputation.
Your Responsibility
While you attend a GMAT prep course you need to be as responsible as the faculty for improving your skills. You must complete the assignments in time. Be regular with revision of the content taught in class. Do not assume that attending the course is sufficient. Make efforts to revise the syllabus and take extra practice tests on your own as well. Be careful about clarifying your doubts in class. Keep a track of the areas where you need help and ask teachers regularly for clarifications. Do not hesitate to approach a teacher twice with the same problem.

Attaining a good GMAT score is not possible without hard work. You will have to plan well and devote time to preparation. IT is not necessary that you attend a GMAT prep course but if you are the type who needs it then make sure you select the best available course and make full use of it.

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