4 Important Points about GHSGT

GHSGT refers to the Georgia High School Graduation Test that 11th graders of Georgia have to take in order to obtain their diploma from Georgia high schools. This examination is conducted under different curricula in the schools of Georgia. This test is aimed at testing the academic strengths of students. It has 4 content areas, namely, the English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics.

The GHSGT is a PASS/FAIL test. A student must pass in all the content areas of this examination in order to qualify for a high school graduation diploma, and for pursuing a career or higher studies, after qualifying in this examination. The test is a mandatory assessment examination for all high school students of Georgia.

GHSGT Curricula

The test is available in three versions to suit the three different curricula of Georgian schools, as follows:

  1. Quality Core Curriculum (QCC)- This is the old curriculum of Georgia high schools, which is still followed by some of them. High school students are assessed as per this curriculum.

  2. Georgia Performance Standard (GPS)- The GPS has devised a new curriculum for Georgia schools, based on the knowledge of experts of the Georgia Education Department. Many schools of Georgia have updated their curriculum to GPS. Accordingly, these schools conduct the GPS version of the test for their high school students.

  3. Transitional- The Georgia schools that are in the phase of changing from the QCC to the GPS curricula are said to be in a phase of transition. These schools follow a curriculum that is based on the syllabus that has been designed for this transition. A version of the test is designed for students following this transitional syllabus.

GHSGT Sections and Question Types

The assessment has four testing areas:

  1. English Language Arts- This tests the students' reading, writing and literary-analysis skills.

  2. Mathematics- This section comprises questions from high school level arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

  3. Science- This test covers subjects such as Physics and Biology. The questions from Physics cover topics, such as, the science of matter, and science of waves and energy. The topics from Biology will deal with Cellular Biology, Ecology and Heredity.

  4. Social Studies- This section covers questions from the US and World Histories, US Geography and US Civics.

The questions in the test are of objective type with multiple-choice answers, typically with four answering alternatives.

4 Important Points about the GHSGT

Here are 4 important points about the examination:

  1. It is a compulsory test for attaining higher education in Georgia- A high school student of Georgia cannot expect to get his/her high school diploma without passing the test.

  2. Benefits of appearing the exam- Good performance in the test opens the doors for a promising career and higher education prospects for the relevant students. This examination also makes students aware of their academic strengths and weaknesses, thereby, letting them make correct career choices.

  3. Rules for high school students of past years for obtaining the Georgia High School Diploma- Students who were in high school prior to July 2011, should qualify in the Georgia High School Writing test, along with the GHSGT, in order to obtain their High School Diploma from the Georgia Department of Education. The students who were enrolled in high school from Fall 2008-June 2011, should qualify in the four content areas, or take the End of Course tests, which are considered their equivalent. They are also required to take the GHSWT (Georgia High School Writing Test). The students, who were in the 9th standard in 2011 and the later years, will not have to take the GHSGT exam.

  4. Alternative certifications for students who graduate without GHSGT - Students who could not successfully complete the examination, but meet the other criteria for graduation, will be awarded a Special Education Certificate or a Certificate of Performance. Such students can take the test later, if necessary, to obtain their high school diploma certification.


The GHSGT is an examination that can have a major impact on the career and higher studies prospects of high school students of Georgia. Moreover, as it is a compulsory high-standard examination with a high passing score, Georgia high school students should start preparing for it well in advance. Please refer to for further information about the test.

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