Preparing for the GHSGT

Online Options Available for GHSGT Prep

Test preparation refers to the studies that the high school students of Georgia undergo, in order to make themselves fit for appearing for the GHSGT (Georgia High School Graduation Test). Often, the term "preparation" also encompasses all the administrative activities that students have to take up, in order to become eligible for appearing for this examination. The administrative preparation processes include the process of registering for taking the test; obtaining a suitable date for appearing for this examination; and ensuring that all the documents such as identity proofs, etc. are available at the time of taking the examination, to prevent hindrances that may arise due to their non-availability in the examination hall.

Once the administrative preparation is completed, students should focus fully on the preparation aspect. They should bear in mind that there is no shortcut to success; hence, they should be prepared to put in hard-work, in order to be successful in this examination. Ultimately, it is result-oriented hard-work that is expected to yield a favorable outcome of excellent performance in this examination, and this requires a methodical approach, which is discussed in the following section.

GHSGT Preparation

Readying oneself for the test involves the following steps:

  1. Fixing the test date, with at least a month in hand for the revision of all the knowledge acquired during the prep process - The preparation for this test should include spending about a month in recapitulating all that is learnt and practiced, as this will strengthen the students' memory of the topics and concepts, which is vital for performing well in this examination.

  2. Knowing the syllabus thoroughly by reading the information given about this examination on the official website - The Content Description Guides available on, and the Study Guides available on, have information about the syllabus in detail.

  3. Ensuring that each and every topic of the subject areas is understood- There are no optional sections, and the students have to be prepared to answer questions from any of the content areas, regardless of the level of their difficulty.

  4. Rehearsing for the exam well, once the test prep is complete- Rehearsal includes taking timed tests in an environment that simulates the actual test-taking conditions, as much as possible. This will make the students accustomed to the real test-taking conditions, which will help them in performing better in this examination, as it will reduce the chances of their facing unexpected situations that may hinder their smooth progress in this examination.

  5. Utilizing good prep resources - These refer to authentic study books, videos or other materials that students can refer to for samples. The students can also join coaching classes to avail the services of mentors. However, they should be careful enough to choose resources with a proven track record for ensuring success in the test.

Online Preparation Options for GHSGT:

Discussed below are some options to prepare well for the exam:

  1. Online Practice Resources- Practice test papers and videos, are available online, in abundance. One needs to carefully select an authentic website for such resources and start utilizing them, if available. Some websites arrange for getting the students' answered practice test papers, reviewed.

  2. Online Coaching Classes- The online classes are made available by coaching centers, for students who find attending face-to-face classes not feasible. These online classes can be taken live (a mentor takes the classes, live, online). Other online classes provide live tutorials only for the test.

  3. Online Study Guides - Some organizations provide study guides, online. However, most of these study guides are not open to everyone for free. The interested students have to pay money to avail them. However, there are free resources, which can also be referred to. It is a good practice to ensure that these free resources have dealt with the requisite content areas in an authentic and in-depth manner, before starting to read them.

  4. Online Review Cards- Online review cards help in recapitulating the concepts conveniently and quickly. One should practice using these review cards from authentic sources.


There are a variety of online and offline test preparation options. A student should be able to use one or more of these resources, in a result-oriented manner, for attaining success in the tough examination. At the same time, the students should consult mentors who are skilled in this field  in order to take guidance regarding methodical preparation, for attaining high success in this examination.