Study for GHSGT

Step by Step Guide to Prepare for GHSGT

Preparation refers to the learning and practice that a Georgia high school student undergoes, in order to be successful in the GHSGT (Georgia High School Graduation Test). This examination is a test of the academic skills of Georgia high school students in four major content areas, namely, English Language and Arts (ELA), Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. This examination aims to assess the depth and range of knowledge of students, in the different content areas of the GHSGT.

After taking the test, scaled scores are awarded to the examinees. The passing scores for this test are quite high for each of its content areas. Hence, in essence, students are expected to be equipped with the following resources before they appear for this examination:

  • A vast and in-depth storehouse of knowledge in the different content areas

  • Ability to apply this knowledge to arrive at the most appropriate answering alternative for a given question

  • Ability to attempt all the given questions within the time allotted for answering them

In the successive section of this article, we shall see how students can procure the above mentioned resources.

Step-by-step Preparation for GHSGT

Preparation for the test not only involves studying, but it also involves fulfilling all the administrative processes, such as, registering for this examination, fixing up a suitable test date, keeping ready identity-proof documents, etc. Students should first read each and every part of the information available on the official website ( with great care, in order to fulfill all the criteria set by the test administering authorities for candidates before they take the test. Some conditions set by the test administering authorities may look trivial, but they should not be ignored, as these unfulfilled criteria may impede the students’ permission to appear for this examination. Once all the administrative criteria of preparation are carried out, the students should focus on the prep aspect, which is the major and the most time-consuming aspect of test readiness.

  1. Understand the Syllabus and Test Format Thoroughly

    Students should primarily read the content descriptions, available at , for detailed information about the different content areas. Information about the version to take, test format, the type of questions, the number of answering alternatives for each question, the time duration allowed for the individual content areas and on the whole, the testing norms, etc. should be completely clear to the students before they start their preparation, as this will help them rehearse better for this examination. Information about these aspects is available on the official website ( and also on certain other authentic websites.

  2. Study the Content Areas Well- The Georgia high school text books and teacher notes constitute the primary material for studying. These books should be used for building and clarifying concepts. Students can use guide books as supplementary preparation resources. They can also take preparation aid from coaches, both in the online and offline modes. However, one should never consider the guides as the only resources for one’s preparation, as relying solely on study guides will lead to conceptual weakness in the students, which might eventually lead to bad performance in this examination. One should also refer to the books and other resources, suggested in the guides for gaining further knowledge on a subject area.

  3. Rehearse Well for the Test- Achieving conceptual clarity is important, but not enough for performing well in the examination. Rehearsing for this examination, in a simulated exam environment, is equally important. This is because, however good the subject area knowledge of students may be, they will have to be able to answer all/maximum number of questions given in the question paper, in time period allotted for this examination. This requires a lot of practice, as without it, one will not be able to attempt all the questions, correctly, in the given period of time and this will adversely affect the scoring process.

  4. Learn Test-taking Strategies from Experts- Students should try to learn the best ways possible to tackle this examination and direct their efforts accordingly. Hence, they should always interact with subject experts in order to gain knowledge regarding these skills.


It can be seen that preparation for the test involves four simple steps, as identified above. Students should follow them strictly, in order to attain success in this examination. If any student is not able to follow these steps independently, he/she should take the advice of test experts regarding the issue. The experts will provide effective solutions to students, as they are very experienced in matters related to GHSGT preparation.