Study Guide for GHSGT

What to Avoid While Picking a GHSGT Study Guide

A study guide is a book used for preparation by students appearing for the GHSGT. Ideally, a good guide is focused completely on the examination syllabus, and it provides lessons, practice test papers, exam preparation strategies and test-taking strategies.

One must know that possessing a good study aid does not ensure a student’s success in this examination. It is merely a tool, which has to be used wisely, by the test-preparer, for a maximally beneficial outcome.

Review of Popular GHSGT Study Guides

Given below are the reviews of some popular preparation guides:

  • The Georgia Department of Education GHSGT Study Guides (

    The official website provides study guides individually for the different content areas of this test. These study guides are complete, with most of the information pertaining to preparation for the test. They have instructions on test designing, test scheduling and test retaking. Apart from these instructions, they provide overviews of the different sub-content areas of each major content area, the academic skills to be tested using these sub-content areas, the pattern of the test questions and their proportion in the testing areas, the scoring system used, and adequate number of sample questions.

    The official guide books are the best preparation resources available, as their authenticity is unquestionable, considering the fact that they have been authored by the officials themselves. Hence, one should regard an official book as a primary source of studying for the exam.

  • Study Zone GHSGT Study Guide (

    This guide is a consolidated resource on all the content areas. It elaborates on the approaches a student should take in answering questions of the different sections of the test. This guide provides a large number of ways that a student should use in order to tackle the questions, and each of these strategies is explained in a very engaging manner.

  • Kaplan Ultimate GHSGT (

    This book, authored by awarded author Cynthia Johnson, comprises a series of 5 books. It is available both in the electronic and paperback formats and is complete with adequate number of practice test papers, study materials and study tips.

  • USATestPrep GHSGT Study Guide (

    Apart from exhaustive practice tests, this prep guide gives you an opportunity to create benchmark tests and evaluate your progress through the practice tests that are provided in it.

    In general, a student should search for review information online, for making a worthy purchase.

Criteria to Avoid While Selecting a Study Guide for the Test

Mentioned below are certain criteria that one must avoid while selecting a prep resource:

  1. A Book Written for a Number of Tests - Often, book developers combine the study materials for two or three competitive examinations in one book, with the motive of alluring students with the idea that they can get the benefit of availing preparation materials for 2 or 3 competitive exams together. While, this may be the apparent benefit, the students should realize that the contents of such books lack in-depth treatment of the test, which is vital for you to perform well in this tough examination. Hence, books which solely focus on the test, and moreover, on a particular version of it, are found to be better than the ones that are non-specific for a particular test.

  2. A Guide Written in a Difficult and Uninteresting Language - The guide should serve the purpose of conveying its contents in an easily understandable manner to its target readers. A test preparation book that fails to achieve this fundamental objective should not be purchased, however scholarly its contents may be, as content that is too technical or difficult to understand, will be of little use to target readers.

  3. A Preparation Guide Written by Non-GHSGT Experts - The books authored by non-GHSGT experts should be avoided; as such authors lack the competency or the experience to author such books.


A good and effective study aid is a must-have item for one to perform well in this examination, as it will serve the purpose of streamlining a student’s preparation for this exam completely, in a limited period of time. Ultimately, success in this examination depends on how well a student utilizes his/her study resources, rather than the quality of the resource.