Review for GHSGT Science

What Should a GHSGT Science Book Contain?

A guide book is an effective study resource for the GHSGT Science test preparation. In addition to the guide book, one must consult the high school science text books, as a supplementary resource, for strengthening one’s subject matter concepts of the test syllabus. Though an individual book may be a complete guide for the exam itself, you should not depend on it entirely, but use your school text books as the primary source of learning the Science syllabus.

The Science test is one of the content areas of the examination, which students take to obtain a high school graduate diploma in Georgia.

Elements of a GHSGT Science Book

A good study aid should contain the following features:

  1. Content Descriptions- The book should elaborately describe each and every content and sub-content area of the Science section. The reader must be able to know the topics covered by this section to the minutest level of detail possible, so that every bit of the syllabus is known to him/her, which eliminates the risk of the reader being questioned on topics that he/she was not prepared for.

  2. The GHSGT Testing Rules and Norms- The guide should make one aware of the test-taking aids that one can carry to the examination hall. This includes considering rules about taking calculators, notepads, etc. to the examination hall.

  3. Exhaustive Set of Practice Questions- Mock questions are the most important elements of a study resource, which should contain a large number of practice questions on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Preferably, the practice questions should be tougher than those of the actual test, as practicing questions of higher standard than those in the actual test, will make taking this examination easier for the students. The questions should be solved and the related concepts explained clearly, with the aim of enhancement of knowledge and efficiency of the students.

  4. Test Taking Strategies- The test-taking strategies should be easy to learn and implement.

  5. Reference to Further Reading - This section is required for helping the students in further concept clarification and acquiring deeper knowledge than a basic book can provide.

Popular GHSGT Books

  1. Georgia Department of Education GHSGT Science Review Guide (

    Both the GPS and the QCC Science review guides are offered by the official website. These guides can be considered as the best Science study guides for preparation, as they are authored by the most authoritative faculties. These books contain complete information about the Science section including content area descriptions, a large number of sample tests, test-taking strategies, and test rules and norms. These guides should be considered as the primary source of preparation for the Science examination.

  2. HillGrove High School GHSGT Science Review Book(

    This review book, which majorly contains Science descriptors, practice test papers, and links to audio and visual study materials, is one of the most competent study resources.

  3. StatesBoro High GHSGT Review Material (

    This link provides study materials on individual content areas in the form of word documents, in the online mode. Students can use this resource for practicing questions for the Science section.

  4. Passing the Georgia High School Graduation Test in Science (Liz Thompson, Michelle Gunter)

    This is an American Book Company published book. It contains all the essential ingredients of a good guide. This book is based on GPS standards. It is written in a very reader-friendly manner and is found to be good by users, who have opined that the availability of an answer key with the lessons in this guide would have enhanced its worthiness.


One should bear in mind that the Science test is designed to test in-depth knowledge of a student in its constituent content areas. Hence, one should be able to cleverly use a combination of resources in order to meet the objectives of this examination well.