Salient Features Of The GED

Where Can You Find Information About GED?

It is a test of the knowledge of five different subjects, which when passed certifies the candidate to have American or Canadian High School level academic skills.

The test offers the opportunity for building up a better future by earning a certificate equivalent to the high school diploma for the working and non-working candidates.

It also provides a chance for the school droppers to continue their education even at a very late stage. It opens the door of opportunities for them.

The Test Administration of GED

The test is conducted by the American Council on Education and those who pass are awarded with the "Certificate of General Educational Development". This certificate is considered equivalent to the high school diploma. The test is not offered online.

There are about 3200 testing centers in the United States and Canada. The testing centers are usually schools and colleges. The eligibility conditions, costs etc of the test vary from one state to the other. Candidates with disabilities are allowed special accommodation which needs to be requested at the time of registration.

Who is Eligible?

Those who left school early due to personal problems or any other reason and were not able to get their high school diploma can appear for the test. Some states require that the candidate should have completed 18 years, but certain other states do not have any such regulations.

What is GED-The Different Sections?

  • The Language Arts Writing section contains two parts: first part tests the basic knowledge of the language like sentence formation, organization, usage etc. You need to read the given text and find the errors in the sentences and correct them. This section contains about 50 questions which need to be completed in 75 minutes. The second part requires the candidates to write an essay on the given topic. The essay is scored based on how well the ideas are organized; it also checks the grammar, punctuation, spellings etc. The essay needs to be completed in a time limit of 45 minutes.

  • The Social Studies section covers topics from Geography, History: American and World History, Civics and Economics. The section includes reading short passages which are followed by multiple-choice based questions. Some questions are based on charts, graphs etc. instead of passages. This section contains about 50 questions which need to be answered in 70 minutes.

  • The Science section covers topics from life science, physical science, space science and earth science. There are 50 multiple-choice questions which need to be completed in 80 minutes. This section is basically used to test your general understanding and application of science based on different contexts. The common subjects that are covered include energy, climate, pollution, heredity etc.

  • The Language Arts Reading section contains five fiction and two non-fiction passages which are followed by multiple-choices based questions that test the basic understanding of the passages. The fiction passage may include poems, portions of plays and prose. The non-fiction section may include letters, articles, biographies etc. This section contains 40 questions which need to be answered in 65 minutes.

  • The Mathematics section contains two parts which includes questions of the multiple-choices format and alternate-format questions. The answers of these questions are to be displayed on a standard grid or coordinate plane grid. In the first part candidates can use a calculator, whereas the second part prohibits the use of calculators. The section contains 50 questions, of which 40 questions are multiple-choice based and the remaining 10 include the alternate-format questions. The duration of the Mathematics section is 90 minutes.

The Scoring of GED

Each section is scored out of 800, making a total score of 4000. The average score is 500 per section, thus making a total score of 2500. The candidate should get at least 450 in every section for passing the test; this may vary according to different states. Some need only 410 in every section, thus the average score can change with the states. You need to confirm the requirements of your state.

The preparation can be done in-person, through online courses and by studying from home. Several materials are available online and also at different book stores and libraries.

Where Can You Find Information About GED?

The internet contains several websites which offer information about the test. Books are also available that contain information regarding this test.

Some websites that can be referred to for information about the exam are mentioned below.

GED is a medium through which school droppers can fulfill their dreams of building up a better future. It is a test that cannot be taken online but the preparation can be done online.