Salient Characteristics Of The GED

What Is the Purpose of the GED Test?

The GED Test:

It is a combination of five different subject tests. If the test taker passes in these tests, then his intelligence is established to be at par with American or Canadian high-school level academics. The American Council on Education (ACE) is responsible for conducting the test. It helps its test takers in developing their skills for post-secondary education or careers. The exam sets you in a new path of life, offering you another chance to start afresh with your education. The cost of the testing is $75.

The Sections of GED:

It contains five sections which measure your intelligence and interpretive power. Each of the five sections measures a certain aspect of your intelligence. Let us discuss the sections of the test in the following bullets:

  • Language Arts, Reading: This section evaluates your ability to read and comprehend excerpts that relate to work places and academics. You have to use your interpretation and respond to the corresponding questions.
  • Language Arts, Writing Part I and Part II: It evaluates your ability to arrange workplaces and edit important documents. You have to show your skills in structuring sentences, reconstituting written excerpts and flawless usage of English language. In the second part of the Writing section, the test taker has to respond to an essay prompt, concerning a topic of general interest.
  • Science: Your knowledge in scientific facts is tested in this section. You have to demonstrate your knowledge in Physical Science, Life Science and the sciences of Earth and Space.
  • Social Studies: In the Social Science section you are evaluated on the basis of your knowledge of societal interest. This knowledge involves the history of US, Canada and the world, along with Geography, Economics, Civics and Government studies.
  • Mathematics: This part is divided into two equally weighted sections. Part I of the Mathematics section allows you to use a calculator (a Casio fx-260 that is provided at the test centre itself) while Part II tests your ability to use mathematical concepts. You are tested on your knowledge of numbers, Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra, Functions and related concepts.

The Pattern of GED Questions:

The test incorporates several question patterns for its five test sections. Let us discuss them in the following points:

  • Language Arts, Reading: The questions of this section basically check your capacity to read, interpret and apply your interpretation to respond correctly. About 75 percent of passages and excerpts relate to literature (poem, drama, story or novel) while the rest 25 percent relate to non-fictitious texts (non-fictitious excerpts contains two non-fiction prose, relating to criticism to visual and performing arts or general information).
  • Language Arts, Writing Part I and Part II: There are multiple choice questions for the passage based Writing section in Part I. The number of questions amounts to 50 multiple-choices. Part II of the Writing section contains an essay topic. You have to respond to the essay topic, which is based on everyday affairs.
  • Science: This section also includes 50 multiple choice questions, which evaluate your skills in interpreting, translating and inferring information given in the question. The questions can be in the form of paragraphs, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Social Studies: Questions of this section test your capability to interpret and understand visual and pictorial information. The questions may come in the form of cartoons, photographs, tables, pie charts, paragraphs or even a figure. You have to interpret the given illustrations and answer correctly the 50 multiple-choice questions that follow.
  • Mathematics: Each of the two Mathematics sections contains 20 multiple-choice questions. There are ten alternate-format questions where you get no options and you have to enter your own computed answer in a specialized grid or a coordinate grid.

The Motive of GED Test:

This test opens up a whole new world for you, to start anew your education career and move on to become a successful graduate in your later life. Actually, the motives and importance behind GED are much beyond this. It was initially administered to let the World War II veterans earn a normal civilian life. It provides you a certificate of General Educational Development that allows you to apply for courses or jobs at several places.

If you are among those who, due to several reasons like immigration, private restraints incapacity to earn standard academic courses etc. could not complete your schooling properly, this test is designed to give you just another chance to prove your worth. Ace this test and show the world that you deserve better.

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