Information For Students Taking The GED From Texas

Utility of GED Certification in Texas

If you are an adult and you were not able to get a high school diploma, then the GED is your chance to make up for that lost opportunity. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded a certificate that will be accepted by colleges and employers, as proof that you have the same academic abilities as a person with a high school diploma. This article is for the residents of the State of Texas and about why and how you can get the certification.

What Is the Utility of Getting GED Certification in Texas?

  • Not having a high school diploma can be a stumbling block in your path to higher education. This test can cover this gap in your education and help you fulfill your academic goals.
  • You will have better job opportunities with this certification than without it. You will find that potential employers value you more, if you are better qualified.
  • The certification can improve your self-confidence. It can help prove your worth to others and to yourself.

How Can You Get a GED Certification in Texas?

In order to get the certification, you have to do the following, step-by-step:

1. Who is Eligible to Take a GED Exam in Texas?

In order to take the test, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • You must be a resident of the State of Texas.
  • You must not be a high school graduate.
  • You must not be enrolled in a high school (an exception is made if you are enrolled in a school GED preparation program).
  • You must be above 18 years of age. (If you are 17 years of age, you can take the exam with permission from your parents. If you are 16 years old, you may take the test under a court order.)

2. Prepare for the Exam:

You can attend classes to help you prepare for the exam. The benefits of joining a class are many such as better preparation, encouragement from the teachers and information about the exam. You can use this link to locate classes in Texas:

If you do not have time for regular classes, you can take an online course such as the one offered at this link: You could prepare on your own also, but most people find it easier to attend a course.

3. Find a Test Center and Take the GED Exam:

The exam is conducted in Texas at the official testing centers. You can find the test center closest to your place of residence, by using the following link:

You have to take the exam at the test center itself. You are not permitted to take it online. Therefore, once you have selected the location, you should call or visit the test center personally. At the test center, you will be guided as to the procedure and the dates and timings of the examination.

4. Passing Score in the GED Exam:

The passing score is 2250 (sum total score of all the subjects) with a minimum score of 410 in each subject. If you are unable to pass the exam, you are allowed to take it again. You may also retake the exam on the individual subjects of the test. Your new score will replace your old score. The maximum number of test retakes allowed in a single year is three.

By making up your mind to take the examination and to pass it, you can change your life for the better. You can improve your opportunities in education, as well in finding employment as the benefits of having this certification are manifold.