Information For Candidates Taking The GED

Why Should You Take the GE    D Test?

David is a common boy who lives in a small town in America with his family. He is seeking a job of a soldier to fight for his country. One day his dream came true. However, when he returned home after a battle, he decided to lead his life like other civilians. But since his education level was not adequate to get a good job, he took GED. This test lightened his path to get a diploma in high school and take up a good job.

How is GED Important for You?

The above description was not just a story to entertain you. It obviously, is an answer to your question why you should take this test. It is important for not only war veterans but also for other adults who could not complete their education in time for some reason and are still unemployed.

The test comprises five test sections that include Language Arts, Reading; Language Arts, Writing Part I and Part II; Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The Language Arts, Reading test section contains 40 questions. It is of 65 minutes' duration. Besides, Writing Part I of the Language Arts comprises 50 questions and the total time allotted to complete this test section is 75 minutes. In addition, the Mathematics test section contains 50 questions that are to be completed in 90 minutes. Both Social Studies and Science test sections comprise 50 questions each and are to be completed in 70 minutes and 80 minutes respectively. Your score is reported in the form of a national percentile. Suppose you have attained a national percentile of 63, it means you have performed better than 63 per cent of the graduating high school seniors. Thus, you have passed the exam and have become eligible to get a high school diploma.

How can you take the GED Test?

It is obvious that to take any test, you have to sit before a computer or reach a test center. However, the questions that are asked are same for all the test centers. This is different from other tests in this aspect. Test questions vary for different test centers. First, you have to register yourself to one of the test centers that are mentioned on the official website. You can get access to the list of those test centers by visiting the following link: However, before you register to an official test center, you have to select it based on your personal requirements such as convenience to reach the test center, suitability of test dates etc. The selection can be done by opening the following link: and filling up the given box with your residence area's zip code. Then, you can get access to that test center for being acquainted with the samples of the questions that may be asked in the actual test.

Suppose you have selected Alabama Department of Post Secondary Education test center. The center administers this test at 49 locations in the state of Alabama, United States. These testing programs aspire to achieve an appreciable number of educated adults in Alabama. If you wish to take the test in Alabama, first you have to select a test center out of the 49 test centers by opening the following webpage: Suppose that you have selected Alabama A&M University as the most suitable test center in Alabama, you will immediately get the address and phone number for this test center by a single click on the name of the University. Alongside, you will also get an idea of its location by having a quick glance over the given map.

The tests are similar to the practice tests created by the testing services. You can get access to these sample questions on the official website by browsing through the webpage