Steck Vaughn GED

Review of Steck Vaughn Courses for GED

Preparation is the key to passing this examination. Steck Vaughn is a leading publisher of products for adult education. Steck Vaughn believes that no two individuals learn with the same capacity. So it has provided solutions for effective learning for the past 70 years. The course offered by it is one such solution for adult learners. Steck Vaughn books are extensively used by adults who are preparing for the test. In today's cyber world, most prefer to use their mobiles for preparation. It has products in this range also for preparation. They have developed apps for mobile phones. The details of the books, mobile apps, practice tests and courses they offer are described briefly here.


  • Practice4GED - This is a website that offers test for practice. It is a free website that helps you to understand and learn the subjects of the  test. This site lists the FAQs about the test, books published by Steck Vaughn publishers, mobile applications available for preparation and links to practice tests that are freely available.


  • Steck Vaughn GED-Student Edition: These books are the most sought after books for preparation. This is a book series which gives in-depth knowledge in all of the subjects tested. At the end of each lesson, a tip or a strategy is given. The tip can be used for effective preparation and the strategy is useful for overcoming stress and increasing confidence. Casio fx-260 calculator is allowed in the test. Instructions on the usage of this calculator are also given in the book. Practice tests and charts to keep track of your progress are also given in this book series.

  • Steck Vaughn Complete GED Preparation: Everything you require for preparation is available in this book. It provides a comprehensive practice test series. It helps you to increase your higher-order thinking skills, practice with real documents and prepares you using graphic organizers, for the writing tasks.

  • GED Exercise Books: In these books each book is dedicated to one subject. This helps you to develop skills in each of the subjects. You can buy all the exercise books or buy a specific subject book, to increase your knowledge in that subject.

  • GED Skill Books: Practice to improve confidence and scores is provided in this book. The Steck Vaughn is the most trusted name in GED books. It also offers 100% cash back on their products if you do not pass the test.

Mobile Applications

Practice4GED Apps are now available which can be used on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. These applications are simple and very convenient to use. Instructions are given on the usage of the activities in the apps. The apps are available for all the 5 subjects of the test. You can also purchase individual subjects apps. Each application includes a pre-test, a practice section and study aids. A "Skill lesson" and a "Mini-Quiz" are included in the practice section. Glossary, vocabulary matching game, math formulae, conversion charts form the Study Aids.

Practice4GED Test Subscriptions

"Steck Vaughn GED" preparation offers test series. You can subscribe for these tests for 30, 60 or 90 day period. You can take the multiple-choice questions section as many ever times as you want. The essay section of the test is submitted to a professional after you submit the essay electronically for evaluation. During the purchase of the test plan, an access key is sent to your mail address. The 30 day plan is priced at $19.95, the 60 day plan at $34.95 and the 90 day plan at $49.95.