Schools And Institutes That Provide GED Preparatory Courses

How Can Schools Help You Prepare for GED?

If you are an aspiring candidate, there are different ways you could prepare yourself. You may choose to do preparation on your own at home or online. Including official test preparation materials and television programs, a number of resources are available for self-preparation. However, if you are someone who would prefer 'in person' assistance for your preparation effort, an impressive number of classroom-based programs are available nationwide. Read on to find more about the institutes for preparation:

Why Join Schools for GED Preparation?

Each of us has a personal style of working. You need to choose the best method that suits your personal style for preparation. You also need to check out other factors like availability of materials for review and practice, available time, requirement for traveling and other facilities like internet access before finalizing on your method of preparation. People who require a formal structure for learning and some personal assistance might prefer formal programs or institutes; whereas, self-learners might prefer to work on their own. Your knowledge and confidence level in the basic academic subject areas covered in the test also help you decide on the need for joining a classroom program.

  • They might be able to provide you with a realistic picture of where you stand in your preparation and offer you the right guidance. For example, you may be strong or weak in certain areas and might need to focus more or less on certain areas accordingly.

  • Classroom programs provide you with an overall idea about the five-test battery and help you become familiar with test content, question types and time limits.

  • Classroom programs also ensure that you get access to all the required materials for preparation and practice.

How to Find GED Schools and Programs?

The official website provides you with a number of useful tips and resources for preparation including information on 'in class' programs (

  • Adult Basic Education Centers in your area might be able to guide you find classes, programs or instructors.

  • You can check the yellow pages for schools or classes in your area. You may check the resources directory for preparation by GEDTS and America's Literacy Directory. The American Literacy Directory available online might be another good place to look for classes or programs in your area (

  • The representative in your area can help you with finding local schools. A list of representatives who help the candidates is available online at the following website:

  • Contacting your local testing center might help you locate nearby resource centers, instructors and schools for preparation.

  • Check out the National Center for Family Literacy website for additional help. You may also call the testing service toll-free number, (800) 62 MY GED [(800) 626-9433] for further assistance.

Schools and Programs for GED Preparation

Classes are held at or by different types of institutions and organizations. These include colleges, universities, churches, adult learning resource centers, state/district wise government departments etc. Most of these are state, district, county or community specific. Here are a few programs and centers for preparation:

The list given is not comprehensive, neither representative in nature and might not be relevant to you, if you are from a different area. A simple web search can provide you with a lot many resources that provide information on the classes or programs conducted locally. Many state department websites also provide lists of locally available classes. It might be better to search locally for the best programs or schools available in and around your area.