Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Oregon

Importance of GED in Oregon

Though this is a standardized test conducted at both national and international locations, the testing policies vary depending on the jurisdiction where you take the test. While many states have residency requirements for taking the test, many others have no such restrictions. Age requirements, credentials awarded and passing criteria too vary, depending on jurisdictional testing policies.

While GEDTS develops and safeguards this test, in addition to setting up the common minimum age requirements and passing criteria; the state of Oregon, has its own additional requirements relevant to test taking, passing and awarding the credentials. Read on to find more on the requirements and other important information.

GED Testing in Oregon

Lying in the Western region of US, the state of Oregon nurtures a great vision of having educated and skilled citizens working to contribute for the society. The Oregon state Department of Education and Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development have many initiatives and programs that work towards this vision, including the adult basic skills programs, community colleges and the program administration. Here is a list of specific requirements and important jurisdictional policies of the state:

  • There are no specific residency requirements for taking the test in the state of Oregon.

  • There are two language versions of the test available in the state of Oregon-English and Spanish.

  • Minimum age of taking the test is 18 years, while candidates of 16 years may be allowed if the additional documentation requirements are met with.

  • Minimum and maximum fee for testing (all the five tests) are $35 and $145 respectively.

  • It does not require you to take the Official Practice Test prior to the actual test.

  • All the five tests are not administered together. You will need to schedule a session each per test.

  • To pass the test, you need to score a minimum of 410 in each test, an average of 450 or more in all the tests and a minimum 2250 in the full GED battery.

  • Successful candidates are awarded the General Educational Development Certificate.

  • There is no waiting period for retaking the test. You may retest two times within a calendar year.

For more on jurisdictional policies and other significant details, you may check the following web pages:

Preparing for GED

Preparation classes are available at all community colleges in Oregon. You may also find a lot of resources and programs online, at local/online bookstores and at the local libraries.

Getting the GED Transcript

The transcripts are generally made available by mail. In the state of Oregon, you may also get E-transcripts that can be accessed online.

  • E-transcripts are made freely available to exam takers. You may have as many copies as and when required. If you have the access code for the original transcript, you may get your E-transcripts online at If you do not have the access code, you may visit the testing center at Oregon where you have taken your test, prove your identity, and then get your access code.

  • You may also order transcripts from the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development by paying a fee. The documents will be dispatched to your mailing address, but with a processing time of 7-10 working days. If you need the document urgently, you may collect it from the state office in Salem.

  • If required, schools, colleges and employers may verify your transcripts online by using the verification code available with the transcript.

The State of Oregon has different requirements/criteria for testing, just like all other jurisdictions. In addition to administering the test and awarding the certificate, the state departments strive to provide the required support and assistance for the candidates by way of the preparatory programs in community colleges, online access to transcripts and personal assistance; so that all may have access to higher education and better opportunities.