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Earning a high school degree is the first step that you have to take before setting out to achieve your career goals. Those people who could not get a high school degree because they had to leave high school before graduating generally exercise the option of taking the GED (General Education Development) tests to complete their academic qualifications. It is designed to evaluate the academic skills and knowledge comparable to the high school degree level. It consist of the following sub tests: Language Arts (Reading), Language Arts (Writing), Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The credential is accepted by a large number of employers, colleges and training schools as an equivalent of a high school degree. The testing service of the American Council on Education (ACE) administers the test. Each state of the USA is authorized by the ACE to conduct the standardized tests at official test centers located within their jurisdiction.

GED Preparation

Over a million people take the test every year and most of them pass the tests. It is not very difficult to pass as it tests your skills of the high school level only. You may not have been able to complete your high school graduation due to some reason, but when you plan to take this test, you should be well prepared for it. You will require some time to review the content that you may not have seen for a long time. If you don't have confidence in your knowledge, you can opt to go in for a preparatory course. It will be advisable to take a free test through online which contains practice questions. Such tests are easily available on various web sites, one of them is as follows: After taking a practice test you will be able to identify your weak areas. You should then enroll for a course to refine your skills and knowledge which will be tested in the actual test.

Most of the states offer courses online. You will have to get in touch with your State Department of Education for more information on the courses. The testing center in your locality will be able to assist you in your preparation plan. The testing center authorities will guide you in selecting an appropriate course which will help you improve your weak subject areas. If you search for online test on the internet, any search engine like Google will throw up a long list of web sites that conduct tutorials and courses online. There are a number of websites that give access to online practice test also. If you log on to the website "", you will be able to gain access to a number of tests with practice questions. These tests will also give you a score at the end of the test which would have been calculated in a method similar to that of the actual test. You will then be able to gauge your competence in clearing the actual test.

After you have been able to assess your weaknesses, you should then decide whether you would like to attend classes in your locality or take an online course. If you do not plan to take a course, then self study would also be quite adequate since preparation materials are easily available at most local bookstores and public libraries. You will find a host of preparation material available on various websites in the form of practice questions and tips and tricks to pass the tests. Websites like are community websites that register people appearing for the test. After registering, you will be able to interact with people who share your interests as they are preparing for the same tests and you will also have access to online lessons and tests containing practice questions and their answers.

Advantages of Online GED Test prep course

Low cost classes and online courses are available in all the states through their adult education departments. Courses available online are very popular with candidates preparing for the test because they can access the study material and lessons from their home and they can study at their own pace and convenience. For those of you who are already working and are simultaneously preparing for the exam, the option of going in for an online course will prove to be fruitful. You will not have to take out time for attending regular classes as in the case of those candidates who do not take courses online. In addition to this, the other advantage of going in for an online class is that you will find a number of such courses on the internet absolutely free of cost. The websites that offer free course bring in revenue from the advertisements placed on their website, so they don't require any registration fees from you. This is advantageous for those students who may want to repeat the course because they've not been able to clear the test. Since there is no cost involved in some of the courses offered online, you can take them as many times as you want.

Individual tutoring by private tutors and by some institutes is also available in some states. Online tutorials are also easily available on the internet. Candidates can review high school content which is tested in this test. The tutorials also impart instructions on various preparation and answering strategies. You can access and buy guides available online which will prove to be very helpful in the long run.

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