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Official GED Practice Tests

The testing service of the American Council on Education develops the Official Practice Tests (OPT). The questions in this kit are of the same standard as that of the actual tests because these practice questions and the questions for the actual tests are picked up from the same question pool. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take an OPT test before taking the actual test because those scores will be comparable to your scores on the actual tests. The practice test is a measure of your probability of clearing the actual test. It is present in both paper and computerized format. You will have to get in touch with your local testing center for procuring the OPT kit. Taking the practice test will help you in familiarizing yourself with the types and difficulty level of questions asked on the actual test.

Internet Resources

OPT, Online test tutorials, GED communities, courses, test guides, registration assistance, official testing center locations and study materials are all easily available on the internet. The official website of the American Council on Education ( contains exhaustive information on the tests and the testing centers. This website contains links to websites of official agencies conducting the tests across North America, the Pacific and Caribbean. You can also use this website to locate an official testing center near your locality in your state. You can then contact this testing center for information on preparatory courses and local classes in your locality. Some of these testing centers may also be able to provide you information on the private institutions which offer classes and online courses.

The internet is a very useful resource for locating the best online guide. There are various websites that provide guides containing various tips and techniques for taking the test. There are other websites that will help you in downloading or buying the guide of your choice. Use a search engine like to look for information pertaining to the guides of your choice. You will also find web sites that contain information about the utility of a test guide that you are planning to buy. Make the best use of internet to gather useful tools for your preparation.

Pre Testing

Candidates taking the test in some states have to take and pass the practice test before taking the actual test. Generally candidates who fail to clear the practice test may have to take either an online course or attend classes to review the content of the subject areas in which they've failed, before taking the tests again. All states may have different pre-testing requirements for the candidates taking the tests in that state.


The fact common for candidates taking the test in any of the states is that they have to be well prepared. You should not take this test lightly. Whether you exercise the option of going in for an online course, self study or attend classes; you cannot pass the test without putting in hard work and devoting time for studies. Review your high school basics, use the preparatory resources available on the internet and you will be able to earn your credential in the first attempt.

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