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Schools Offering Online GED Prep Programs

The American Council on Education (ACE) which administers GED focuses on research related to the development of higher education, leadership, awareness of adults towards higher education in America, strategies to increase international participation etc. The need for the test arose when soldiers returned to their homes after World War II. They had to take high school degrees to lead a normal civilian life. This was made possible with the genesis of GED in the year 1942. Thus, those who passed the exam got diploma in high school, which was considered equivalent to a high school degree.

You cannot take GED online like other premier American tests. However, you have the facility of preparing for the test through online schools. They offer practice questions online for preparing for the test and getting admission to a college for doing graduation and post graduation courses. You can also plan to prepare yourself for the exam.

How do you Prepare for the Test Online?

Practice tests are organized online in two test formats: Paper and pencil test and computerized test. These practice tests are displayed on the official website. The practice tests form the basis for creating actual test papers. Nowadays, online version of any test is more popular because of their easy accessibility from anywhere. Therefore, it is both interesting and useful for you to know about the online method of preparation. You can get access to several practice tests that contain questions similar to those that are asked in the actual exam. You have to register by visiting the following web page: Then only, can you reach the official practice tests.

The official website ( ) provides you complete information about the test. In addition, it is important for you to get access to the online practice tests to succeed in the test and take admission to a college for higher-level studies. One such program is "Practice 4 GED". You can practice questions from the Language Arts, Reading; Language Arts, Writing part I and part II; Mathematics; Science and Social Studies sections. You also have to submit hand written essays. Based on your practice test score, you are suggested a sample study plan. To get more information about the practice tests, you can visit the following link:

Online Schools that Offer GED Preparation Programs

Only taking general practice tests is not enough. You also have to approach practice tests that are created by the schools themselves for preparing for the test. What is required is to open the link with the heading 'Find a GED Testing Center' and fill your residence area's postal code in the given box. Once you have done that, you will find the address of the schools that are convenient for you to attend. You can get the list of some of those that provide you with the facility for accessing online preparation programs. These preparation centers' list can be obtained by browsing through the following web page:

An example can be quoted with the help of the school and the sample questions that it provides for preparation for scoring high. Let us discuss about Kentucky Adult Education Center. This adult education center in Kentucky, United States was formed when the Adult Education Act was passed by the General Assembly in the year 2000 followed by forming a partnership with the Council on Post Secondary Education. This is one of the schools that play an important role in educating adults, and providing them a chance of being employed or moving ahead towards advancement in their careers. The sample questions that Kentucky Education Center offers to the aspirants can be obtained by logging on to the following link:

Several centers offer facility for practicing sample questions and taking the test. What is required is to know how to get access to those institutes and their practice materials to pass the test. The above description, obviously, fulfills this demand of the aspirants.