Preparing For The GED Through Online Resources

Online GED Prep Options by Schools

Majority of the people use computer and internet for simply surfing and for playing games. If you are planning to take the test, then the time which is wasted can be utilized in a proper way by joining a preparatory program provided by online schools. This provides an excellent online learning environment which can help in earning the credential. The class provides preparatory materials which can be accessed from the comforts of your home. Assistance for preparation is available on your computer having internet connection at the click of a mouse.

This is a paper based test and cannot be attempted online. But preparation can be done online. Several options of study are made available by online schools. The programs provided by these schools are the best option for those who were not able to continue their studies in a traditional schooling environment. Some programs are available for a fee while others can be accessed free of cost. Preparing with the help of such schools has got its own advantages. The time which would have been wasted otherwise in transportation can be saved by simply logging on to your computer. In case of any doubts or if you need any kind of assistance, a team of expert instructors is available.

Some Online GED Schools

  • Columbia North High School ( is the one that offers online preparatory programs. The program includes a preparatory kit which can be used for preparation. The materials can be used at your convenience from a place comfortable to you. This school is a member of the Capitol Network for Distance Learning Program (CNDLP) and thus follows all the set education guidelines. The program is of a short duration and is the best option for those willing to succeed. The study materials and curriculum is designed by the Columbia North High School in association with CNDLP.

  • GED Academy ( is an online resource. The preparation materials include practice tests, lessons on every topic, books etc. You are also provided an online private tutor by online school which provides a personalized learning experience. It provides everything you need for preparing through this school. The tutor can be contacted through the toll-free number or through email for clarifying your doubts. It provides online practice tests which make you familiar with the real test. The school claims to guarantee success by studying just one hour a week. The course duration can be either for 4 to 5 weeks or can extend to 3 to 4 months according to an individual's learning capacity. It provides an affordable and exciting learning experience.

  • Aspen High School ( is in association with and provides online preparation. This school was awarded with the 2011 Education Achievement Award for its contribution towards the education field. It provides a flexible payment and learning option. The practice tests can be attempted on your personal computer which provides a medium to test your preparation level.

Some Useful Links for Online GED Preparation:

  • offers a free online preparatory program. The program covers all the topics included in the test and contains 74 one week lessons. New classes are offered on the first Sunday of every month by this website.

  • is a website owned by Steck-Vaughn. It provides practice materials for free, but the study materials can be accessed only for a fee.

  • provides online study materials and practice tests.

Attaining the credential provides one with better education and employment opportunities that improve the financial status, thus changing one's style of living.