Online GED Program

The most Useful Online GED Programs

Many online as well as live programs are offered worldwide that are designed to help students prepare for the test. A good program is one, that will not only help you prepare for the tests, but, will also assist in your preparation while you are on the move and require quick but effective tips for preparation.

The following is a list of a few well-known online GED programs:

1. The GED Testing Service Official Online GED Prep:

This is a guide as well as a set of practice materials that is provided by its administrators which is the GED Testing Service. This institute is the official administrator and they have developed this program so that candidates taking the tests can get a taste of the authentic tests and also get the correct information from a genuine source.

A few pointers regarding this program:

  • This online guide not only provides students with sample test papers but also gives tips that are helpful in increasing the average scores.
  • It is a place where you can practice all that you have learnt regarding the test.
  • Students have to register with the website to access information from it.
  • Through this program, students can opt for assistance in all the subjects or choose between subjects and prepare for them.
  • There is a paid package for sample tests also available with them.
  • Follow this link for further details:


This is a dedicated website for the tests. The program provided through this website is multifaceted and is associated with the online school called the GED Academy.

The GED Academy online program has the following features:

  • The online courses give an option to take online classes once a week.
  • The classes are held for one hour and can be taken for 3-4 months.
  • This is a very good option for students who are otherwise engaged but still want to pursue their preparation to get a certification.
  • The website provides practice tests and also an option to practice an authentic sample test.
  • Students can also take a free trial of this program with the GED Academy.
  • Students also have an option to procure books and reference materials from the website itself.
  • To know more about this, visit the link:


This is a free online portal that provides free sample test questions and practice materials. This is meant only for those individuals who are already aware of the details of the test and want to hone their skills through practice. The website has quite an extensive list of books and reference material available for students who are practicing for the tests. Students can take free online sample tests. The interesting part of this program is the fact that they provide students with a timetable for their test. It gives a clear picture of the expectations from the test and the percentages and importance attached to the various segments of the different tests. This program can be viewed at

4. My

This is an online school that not only helps students prepare for the tests, but also provides them with sample tests and a certification at the end of the successful completion of its course.

A few aspects of this course are as follows:

  • The course is an online program associated with the Aspen high school.
  • The course claims to provide preparation and free practice samples.
  • It is a very cost effective online course.


As the name suggests, this is a free program meant for preparation for GED. The program provides sample test papers along with exhaustive reference material for all the students who want tips and techniques to ace the exam. The enrollment form for this program is given on the website and students have easy access to all the resources offered by the website. For more details about its online program students can visit its website

GED is a set of five tests that are designed to assess the knowledge of individuals, to establish that they are equally qualified as any high school graduate from the US. The test is especially conducted for those individuals who either could not graduate from high schools in the US, or are immigrants who have moved to the US as adults and want an equivalent of a high school degree for academic or professional reasons. Due to the multi-diversity of the students, it is imperative that online courses that offer preparation are not only authentic, but are also user friendly. Candidates should also double-check to ensure that the program that they are taking is legal as well as genuine.