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Salient Features of Online GED Classes

The test was created in 1942 to enable World War II soldiers to get back to civilian life. Many of the soldiers were not high school graduates. This test was an opportunity for them to have high school education. It is now awarded by all the 50 states of the US, the District of Columbia, US territories, insular areas, Canada and internationally as well. This is a high school equivalent credential and is called by different names like diploma, certificate and degree.

This test is developed and administered by General Educational Development Testing Services (GEDTS). This service is a non-profit program of the American Council on Education. Each state in the US has different guidelines for the test. It is essential that you refer to the rules and regulations of the state in which you are interested in taking up the test for specific details like cost, timings, date etcetera. In this exam, 5 subjects are tested. The subjects are Language Arts - Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts - Reading and Math.

Like for any exam, there are many online classes you can enroll for. Some of these classes are free and some charge fees. Here we shall see about both the free and paid online classes.

GED Online -

This site offers 4 months of unlimited access with personalized lessons, practice tests and full-length timed practice tests. All the topics in the 5 subjects tested are taught in detail. All the topics are introduced and a step-by-step solution is given with good clarity. There is a follow-up quiz to check if you have understood the topic. If your answer is wrong, then the solution is given to you with the full procedure. They have 10 years of experience and are one of the best classes. They charge $65 for the four month period and if you want to extend it, you can do so by paying $10 per month.

GED for Free -

This is a free online course website. It gets its revenue from the advertisements they post on their website. They do not charge the students. This is one of the comprehensive classes offered online. This free course has been developed by experienced instructors and the course book contains 200+ pages. All the subjects are covered in this course. Free practice tests are also available. There is a blog in this site which gives all the information about the exam.

GED & College Prep from -

This is another online class offered at no cost. All the study materials are provided by the website itself. But 4 books have to be bought or used from libraries. There are 74 one-week lessons in this course that are given at a maximum of 3 classes per month. This will take more than two years to complete but this course also prepares you for college. Every first Sunday of a month, a new class begins. This enables you to enroll for these classes anytime of the year. The assignments will be available at the home page of this website. No one corrects or reviews your assignment. If you are highly disciplined, this course is very useful.

GED Academy -

This online course offers everything you need to pass. It offers tests for practice, teaching lessons, books and a private tutor. This is a personalized course that increases your learning ability and makes the preparation simple. This academy's course helps you in understanding the concepts in the different subjects and makes you think and solve the problems or answer the questions. This is one of the online classes for which you have to pay to enroll. It costs $189.

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