Information For Students Taking The GED From Ohio

Steps Involved in Getting GED Certified in Ohio

The GED exam:

It is a test of your skills and capabilities, which are required for getting admission in colleges and educational institutions. You may have missed your school's diploma or failed to complete your basic studies in Ohio. In such cases, taking a battery of tests will help you achieve a general proficiency certificate and also get admission in colleges and schools. Taking the test enables you to show your worth in handling college level courses. In this article, we shall discuss about the examination and its sections.

The GED Test Sections:

This is one of the choicest exams, endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Test takers shall face the following sections:

  1. Language Arts, Writing Part I and Part II: In this section, your basic English vocabulary skill is tested. Part I tests your ability to detect basic flaws in grammar, sentences, etc. You can also be asked to improve paragraphs, punctuating written pieces or capitalize letters as needed. Part II measures your ability to provide a response to an essay topic of general interest.

  2. Language Arts, Reading: As the name suggests, in this section you have to read and comprehend given passages. These passages are based on matters of universal concern. You have to answer questions that are based on the passage.

  3. Science: Here, a test taker's fundamental knowledge of scientific objects and phenomenon is tested. You will have to answer questions based on scientific facts, diagrams, charts, etc.

  4. Social Studies: You can ace this part, depending upon your knowledge of basic societal affairs and histories like US, Canada and World History, Geography, State Civics, etc.

  5. Mathematics: Your skills of computing basic mathematical operations and procedures are tested in this section. You will get questions asking you to enter your own responses in this section.

The GED Question Pattern:

As the exam contains several sections, it incorporates many question types too. Such question types are discussed below:

  1. Multiple-choice Questions: You will have multiple-choice questions from, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts: Reading and Part I of Language Arts: Writing. There will be options from which you need to select one. You will get 50 multiple-choice questions each in Science, Social Studies and Part I of Language Arts: Writing. On the other hand, there will be 40 multiple-choice questions to complete in Mathematics and Language Arts: Reading sections.

  2. Essay Questions: You will have to write a response to essay topics and prompts in Part II of Language Arts: Writing. You will only get one essay prompt, in response to which you need to write an essay filled with logic, tangible evidences and credible arguments.

  3. Alternate-Format Questions: There is one alternate-format question in the math section. In this part, you will not get any options to choose from. You have to generate your own answer and put it in to a co-ordinate plane and numerical grid.

Procedure Involved in Taking GED in Ohio:

For a better and smooth experience while taking the test, it is recommended that you undertake prior preparation. Following are some points that you should keep in mind :

Hence, from the above discussion we get to know the details about taking the test in Ohio. This is a recommended exam, in case the regular academic programs do not suit your learning capability. It establishes your capability to handle higher education and perform well in colleges. Therefore, taking this test is a feasible option.