NYC GED Programs

GED Prep Options in NYC

In order to take the exam and pass, it is best if you attend preparatory classes. In these classes, the curriculum is designed to suit the requirements. Most of the classes also offer a wide choice in the matter of the class schedule. If you are unable to make time to attend regular classes, you could take an online course. If you live in NYC and you are looking for information about the test, then read this article. It will tell you about the different options available and it will also review some of the best programs that are available.

GED Prep Options in NYC:

1. Classroom Sessions:

Classroom sessions are conducted. These programs are organized by community colleges and social organizations. The programs may be full day or part-time. Some of the programs offer additional useful features such as preparation for college and higher studies and preparation for employment. The cost of the programs varies from one to the other. In general, they are not expensive. Most will charge a fee only to cover their costs.

2. Online Courses:

Online courses may of course, be taken almost anywhere by anyone who can use a computer with an internet access. Some people however, find it difficult to study in an impersonal teaching environment. Others prefer the ease of scheduling that is possible with online prep courses. Some online courses are free of charge. Others are partly free. For instance, a practice exam may be offered for free.

Review of GED Programs in NYC:

1. The CUNY Adult Literacy/GED Program:

This is one of the best programs that you can find. The classes are held at 14 locations all over the state. This is done to ensure that anyone who wants to take these classes is sure of finding a location close to his/her place of residence. The classes focus on teaching the students to master the basics of the subjects. For instance, to help you to prepare for the reading section of the exam, reading of novels is encouraged. You will be able to read and understand such reading material before you are deemed ready.

The teachers are qualified and trained. Moreover, they have a high degree of motivation and enthusiasm for conducting classes. This program however, also expects that as a student you will demonstrate a similar degree of interest and commitment towards taking the classes. There are strict course policies on attendance and completion of homework.

To find out about the classes that are nearest in location to your residence, and to register for the course, you can call on the number or use the link that is provided below: (212) 794-5302

2. GED Plus:

It provides classes for preparation at multiple locations all over the state. This is an example of one of the full-day programs. These classes will not only prepare you for the exam, but will also teach you the skills you will need in your future career. You will be permitted to take these classes no matter what level of academic knowledge you possess.

3. Learning to Work GED:

These classes are conducted at different times of the day, so as to make it easier for everyone to attend the sessions that are convenient to them. This program also includes internships and other features to prepare you for college and subsequent employment. The minimum age requirement is 18 to 20 years, depending upon which type of program you select. The link you can use to enroll at the above two programs is: