Essential Points For Candidates Taking The GED From North Carolina

Utility of GED Certification in North Carolina

Utility of North Carolina GED Certification

The test is taken by those people who could not afford to complete their regular high school education. It measures whether skills and competencies of the test-takers are up to the high school level. If the test-takers are able to secure specified scores, they will get a certificate which will be equivalent to a high school diploma. Over-all score and average scores that are required differ from state to state in the United States. A candidate who holds the certificate can seek admission to a college or he or she can apply for those jobs that demand high school diploma as a qualification requirement.

North Carolina is the 13th largest and 10th most populous state of the 50 states of the United States. The policies of the test differ from state to state. Test-takers should pay attention to their jurisdiction's policies before taking the test. Though the test format and the structure are identical across the United States, the administration policies differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This article deals with jurisdiction policies of North Carolina.

Basic Guidelines

The test is regulated by the state board of the North Carolina Community College System. The board is responsible for awarding the diploma. A candidate has to pay a fee of 25 USD for taking all the 5 tests: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The English, French and the Spanish versions of the tests are available here. There is no fee for retaking any of the tests in this state. A candidate has to complete the whole battery before retaking any of the failed tests. A candidate has to score 410 in each test and his or her total score has to be 2250 for obtaining the certification.

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate has to be a high school dropout and 16 years of age. Test-takers are assessed through TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) or CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) methods. Then their skill level is measured according to the criteria specified by the NRS (National Reporting System). After this process, test-takers have to attend preparatory programs. They are also required to pass the Official Practice Test (OPT) before taking the actual test. The test-taker's score has to be within the range of 480 to 500 in order to take the official test. If candidates fail one of the tests, they have to attend preparatory classes and pass the Official Practice Test again in order to retake the test.

Other Useful Information

From September 2011, the state board of the North Carolina Community College System is not providing unofficial transcripts. They have to be requested by filling in the form which is available on the official website. Requests made through other means are not accepted. Test-takers have to provide all the necessary information including their name and the social security number while requesting the score transcripts.

North Carolina Test Centers

There are 58 community colleges in North Carolina State. They all offer this test. To locate a test center here, visit the following URL:

Provide your zip code and you will get a page that shows test centers accordingly.

Useful Links

Visit the official website for up-to-date information:

Visit the following webpage for a quick overview of the jurisdiction policy:

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