Maryland GED Application

Details of GED for Those in Maryland

The test measures your academic knowledge and skills at the level of a high school program. Depending up on the jurisdiction, the testing policies may differ-including eligibility criteria, pass marks required and the high-school equivalent credentials awarded. It is vital that you are aware of these jurisdictional criteria/special requirements before you apply for the test. Here is a summary of important information necessary for the test.

GED in Maryland

Recognizing the importance of a high school diploma for advanced educational and employment opportunities, the state of Maryland has envisaged a number of adult education services whereby you can achieve a high-school equivalent credential. The Office of Adult Education and Literacy Services (AELS) in Maryland conducts/administers it in the state ( In addition, the AELS Program also offers preparation classes for the candidates. Here is a list of important pointers:

  • The state of Maryland has a residential requirement for taking the test. You should have been residing in the state for at least three months, for taking the test. Those who do not satisfy this condition are not permitted.
  • The minimum age for taking the test in Maryland is 16 years.
  • There are three language editions available in the state-English, French and Spanish.
  • To pass the test, you should score a minimum of 410 in each test and a total minimum of 2250 in the full test battery.
  • Upon successful completion, you are awarded a Maryland High School Diploma.
  • There is a waiting period of two months before retaking the test. You can take the test for a maximum of three times in a calendar year.

For more information, you may check the official web page on 'Testing Policies' (

Preparing for GED

You may also want to know how to prepare for the test. You may find local programs or classes in Maryland or may look for online resources or programs.

Getting the GED Transcript

While making an application, it is also important to know how, when and where you get your results.

  • The results are available after 4-6 weeks of the test date. Transcripts are sent through mail.
  • To get you transcript, you may apply in person or by mail. Faxed requests are not accepted.
  • Each official transcript costs you $5.00.
  • To request for an official transcript in person, you will need to fill in the transcript form and submit it with a photo ID and money order at the Maryland GED Office, Department of Labor Licensing, and Regulation. The official transcript form can be downloaded at:

Like all other US jurisdictions and states, the state of Maryland has its own specific criteria and policies. Likewise, the state offers you with preparation programs and other required support and facilities for taking your credentials. It is essential that you are aware of all these, so that you can make best use of the available resources and facilities.

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