Taking The GED From The State Of Louisiana

Details of GED for Those in Louisiana

Many thousands of adults benefit from taking this test. As in any other state, the general rules and regulations that are stipulated by the American Council on Education for the test are followed here as well.

Eligibility Criteria

Only if you satisfy certain eligibility criteria, can you take up this test. The following are some of the criteria that have to be satisfied.

  • Residency Most states require you to be a resident of that particular state to take up the test there. Similarly, Louisiana state also requires you to be a resident of the Louisiana state to take up the test in their state.

  • Age
    1. For 16 year olds-In Louisiana state, those who are below 16 years of age cannot drop out of school unless they are in very difficult situations. These include situations when they are pregnant or parenting actively, if they are detained for a crime or institutionalized, if they have a chronic illness or if they have economic hardships. If, due to any of these situations a 16 year old is unable to continue high school, then he/she may take up this test. Otherwise they cannot take up the test.

    2. For 17-18 year olds- They can take up the test on showing a document stating that they have officially withdrawn from the school system. It is compulsory for the candidates to enroll in the Adult Education program before they take up the test. This program includes classes which have to be taken until the adult shows the necessary talents. They have to pass a half-length test before they can take up the test. These classes are free.

    3. For 19 year olds- 19+ age adults can take up the test without joining any program. They can directly contact the test center and take up the test.


The fees for the test differ from center to center. The fee is around $50 for the whole test and $30 per subject for the subsequent retests.

Testing Centers

There are many testing centers in Louisiana. You can enter your city Zip code and search for a center closest to you at http://www2.acenet.edu/resources/ged/center_locator.cfm. The details of the fees, testing dates can be got at the testing center. You can contact the center administrator for all the details.

Languages Offered

Louisiana offers the test in three languages, English, Spanish and French. Some centers may not offer all the three languages. It is best to contact the center directly for the details.

Passing the Test

The pass mark is like in any other state. You need to get a minimum of 410 in each of the 5 subjects tested and the total of the five subject scores should not be less than 2250. This means that if you get 410 in all the subjects, you pass the individual subjects but fail the test as a whole. You need to get 450 as an average in the 5 subjects to pass the test.


You can retake one subject or the whole test. You can retake the tests only after 30 days of your previous attempt. You can take the test up to a maximum of 3 times a year. Your test scores will expire in 5 years. So, you need to pass within 5 years. Else, you have to take up the whole test again.


Preparation is the key to pass. You can prepare by joining a class or you can prepare independently. If you plan on self-study, local libraries will be the best place to start as there are many preparatory books available. If you want to join a class, contact your test center for the details of the available classes in your locality.