Getting Your GED

GED Certification Process Explained

The exam has been taken by over 17 million people since its inception in 1942 and many more continue to take the test every year. Passing the test will get you a certificate, which is equivalent to a high school diploma. The test was initiated as an effort to rehabilitate war veterans. Now it serves the purpose of equipping individuals who haven't completed their high school education due to certain reasons, with a certificate that states they possess the knowledge and skills equivalent to those of a high school graduate. Through this, you have better job opportunities as well as the chance to continue your education by taking admission in a university.

Preparing for GED:

The tests are a group of five battery tests namely Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts: Reading and Language Arts: Writing. These comprise all those subjects that are studied by a graduating high school senior. To prepare for the test, you can opt for a number of strategies. Consult your nearest Adult Education Center or Community College to find out whether they hold preparatory classes. You can enroll in these to begin your preparation. There are many online courses available. Some of the popular training websites are:

Otherwise, you can opt to study on your own with the help of preparatory books as well as free websites.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are some eligibility criteria that you should meet in order to take the test. These are listed as follows:

  • You should be at least 16 years of age. In some jurisdictions, the minimum age is 17. Check with your local test center.
  • You should not have graduated from high school or be the owner of a high school diploma.
  • You should not be enrolled in a regular high school or in a course that would lead to such credentials.

Application Process for GED

As soon as you feel you are prepared for the test, apply for the test dates. The application process is quite simple. If you are a regular candidate, you can acquire the application forms by visiting the official website of your state where they will be available for download in a PDF format. You can also obtain the application forms by visiting your local test center. Find out which center is closest to your zip code by using this software - The American Council of Education (ACE) has developed this software so that students can easily locate their nearest official test center.

If you suffer from any disability, you can request your local test center to provide you with special testing accommodations. This is so that you do not face any difficulties in getting the certificate. The application forms for candidates suffering from disabilities can be found at - Make sure that your form is attested by a qualified doctor and that your doctor's records are attached. You will receive a decision regarding your request within two months.

Passing Requirements:

Scoring high in the test is a cause for celebration as it is not as easy feat. The exam has been made keeping in mind that only 60% of high school seniors graduate. Thus, the exam is not easy. Each of the five subjects are scored on a scale of 200-800 making up a total score of 4000. You need a minimum score of 410 in each section as well as an overall average score of 450. This means that, you will require a minimum total score of 2250 out of 4000. These are the minimum score guidelines that apply to all jurisdictions. The passing requirement of a jurisdiction could be higher than this, though not lower. Contact the administrator of your jurisdiction to find out the requirements.

Therefore, you have now been acquainted with the process. If you do not pass the first time, you can always retest in the individual tests you have failed to clear or all of them. After you have received your certification, you can think about the options available to you. You can look for employment or you can apply to colleges and universities for higher education.