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Importance of Getting GED Certified

About GED

It is equivalent to an American or Canadian high-school level of education. Different jurisdictions award the certificate to individuals who have cleared the test successfully. The test is taken in person. It is an important factor for individuals considering enrolling in a college or any other academic career advancements.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Getting GED

  1. State Requirements: The first step is to review your state requirements. It is mandatory that you are 16 years of age. You must not be enrolled in any high school or have any secondary school credentials or diplomas for you to be eligible for the certification. Every state has its own policies; hence, their policies must be considered for determining the fees, preparatory courses and practice exams. Visit the official site to find out about the individual state requirements:
  2. Preparation: You have to concentrate on how to prepare yourself for the exam. Enrolling in a good preparatory class would be advisable because of the plethora of advantages. The exam includes preparing for subjects like: Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Writing, and Social Studies. The test scores vary through 200-800. The minimum score requirement is 410 in any one of the tests and the total score requirement is about 2250, this being the minimum requirement for passing. Different jurisdictions can set the passing score higher than 2250, but not lower than this.
  3. Registration: To register, you can visit your state's official website of the test. Most of the registrations take place online, although there are options for downloading forms and mailing your information over to the administrators.
  4. Taking the Test: The entire testing time is around 7 hours. Again, this depends on your state regulations how and when you take the test. Often the test is spread over many days, not necessarily consecutive days. You will need to procure information regarding the test dates from the official website. Note: Test takers with special needs have testing facilities made available to them. For testing options you must contact your test administrator. This includes testing for the hearing impaired or the visually impaired. Additionally there are testing arrangements for non-native speakers of English and for those who are testing in Spanish or French. Some jurisdictions require test takers who require a foreign language version, to take the ESL (English as a Second Language) test as an addition.
  5. Post the Test: Get in touch with your local test center for your scores. Military personnel or U.S. Job Corps outside U.S. can fill a transcript request on the ACE website to request for their scores.

Importance of GED Certification

Many a time students are forced to drop out of school or go without a high school degree. This test is like a compensation for this loss. It is highly mandatory that individuals today attain education in any form. Some choose to be educated in the conventional or formal manner, whereas some prefer to be educated at home or through informal sources. It places all these individuals with or without a formal high school degree on a uniform platform, from which they can further their education in their respective colleges.

Lets look at some of the vital points, which motivate people:

  • It increases the chances of people to be employed with good salaries as compared to people who don't have a certification.
  • The certification results in better and more confident individuals.
  • It provides equal opportunities for all.
  • It also provides an opportunity to individuals for continuing their education.
  • If you are a high school dropout, then the credential is crucial for procuring jobs and placements in good companies. It is an important factor that is considered by employers in the case of promotions and increment of salaries.

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