Getting a GED

Why Should You Get GED Certified

The test can change your life for the better. This article will explain its benefits and also take you through a step-wise procedure.

Why Should You Get GED Certified?

  1. Getting a certification means that you have similar academic capabilities as about 60% of those students who graduate from high school. This is a generally accepted and recognized fact.
  2. In order to enroll in a course at a college, you will need a high school diploma. If you do not have one, you can use your certification as a substitute as most colleges and universities accept the scores in place of a high school diploma.
  3. Finding employment is also easier if you have the necessary qualifications and experience. It can help you along the path of a satisfying and a successful career.

How to Get a GED Certificate?

Read the following paragraphs to understand how to go about getting it cleared:

1. Understanding the GED:

The exam consists of questions on five subjects, Language Arts: Reading and Language Arts: Writing, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies. Essay writing is a part of the writing test. In order to pass, you need a total score of 2250 with a minimum of 410 in each subject.

2. Where Can You Take the GED Exam?

The exam is conducted at official testing sites in the USA. Altogether, over 3000 test centers are available. There are however, restrictions regarding where you are allowed to take the exam. The usual rule is that you must be resident of the state in which you wish to take the exam, but you need to confirm with the test center about this. You can use this link to find your nearest test center within the USA:

Outside the USA, you have to go to one of the test centers managed by Prometric. You can contact the Regional Registration Center and they will guide you about where you can take the exam and give you other relevant information. The link that you can use is

3. Registering for the GED Exam:

At the test center, the personnel will direct you regarding the submission of forms and documents and other necessary formalities. You will also be informed about the date and time of the exam, what materials you are required to bring on the day of the exam and the other rules.

4. Preparation for the GED Exam:

Most people benefit from attending a preparatory course. If you have not been out of touch with high school academics for too long and you are reasonably confident about performing well, you can prepare on your own. Local colleges and organizations conduct classes. You can find out from your own county, about such institutions and their criteria for admission of students. Online courses are also available. Some of the courses are free like the one you can get at this link: Some like this one charge you a fee: Whichever type of course you select, it is important to do a lot of practice tests. It will build your confidence and teach you to complete the answers within the stipulated time.

5. Getting the Transcript of Your GED Results:

For getting your scores, you have to ask for the transcript of your results at the test center where you had taken the exam. To find out when and exactly how you will get the results, you have to ask at the local test center, as the regulations differ from one state to the other.

Once you make the decision, clearing the test will be within your reach. All the information and help that you need is readily available. You should take the chance and take control of your academic and professional life.