Choosing GED Test Centers

Where Should You Ideally Take the GED

The test is designed to help evaluate the skills and educational knowledge of a person who has not completed his formal high school education. Corporations and institutions accept the evaluation provided by GED of a person's skills as a measure of his competencies. In simple words, it proves if you possess the knowledge that is required for the task. It is a compilation of five tests, one each in the subjects of Mathematics, Language Arts- Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Social-Studies and Science. The Writing test is further divided into two parts, one with questions to be answered and the other where the test taker has to write an essay. To read more about all the tests and what they contain visit the official website, by clicking on the following link: Each and every test is timed and hence a student should be well versed with the various aspects of the test if he wants to achieve a high score. One important fact that everyone who wishes to take the test should remember is that the test cannot be taken online. The test is conducted through dedicated testing centers. You will find below important information that you must keep in mind before you decide where you should ideally take the test.

General Information about GED Testing Centers

Many people believe that the test can be taken online from the comfort of their own home. A lot of fraudulent websites provide such information as well. The test is conducted through more than 3,400 dedicated testing centers around the world. This means that you can take the test at one of the centers in your locality. You should bear in mind that the test fee differs according to various factors that are referred to as "jurisdictions". To read more about the same visit the official website at You can find out how much the test costs in your locality by contacting your local testing centers.

How to Look for Testing Centers in the USA and Canada

People who live in the United States of America or Canada can look for the testing centers by using their postal code to conduct an online search. To look for the centers using your post code, visit You should always check the working hours of the centers before you drop by. In some cases the actual testing center may be different from the one whose address is provided in the online search. Once you have found your local testing centers you can ask them for further information about the test if you have any doubts.

About International Testing Centers

Test takers can do so at the testing centers that are located internationally. These centers are offered by the testing service partner "Prometric Inc." which is a Baltimore based corporation. You can use the online Prometric search tool to look for the centers locally. You can visit the Prometric search tool page at

The test is offered in English, Spanish and French. You can choose to take it in the language you are comfortable with but you may have to appear for the English as a Second Language (ESL) test. The centers in your locality will be able to tell you if you need to take the ESL test. You should make sure you have thoroughly read the information on the website and cleared all your doubts before you take the test as there are a lot of rules and regulations. This will surely save you a lot of time and effort.