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Number Of GED Testing Subjects

It is made up of a battery of five tests. The candidate will have to study and appear for the following subjects and here is the related information.

Language Arts, Reading:

The candidate will have to prepare for multiple choice questions based on literary texts like poetry, drama, prose fiction before 1920, prose fiction till 1920, prose fiction from 1920 to 1960, and prose fiction after 1960. It also consists of non-fictional prose and a few reading passages followed by a few questions. There are a total of 40 multiple-choice questions to be attempted in 65 minutes.

Language Arts, Writing:

Part 1 contains 50 multiple-choice questions. The candidate must complete these questions in 75 minutes. This part is made up of questions related to organization of ideas and paragraphs within the main paragraph. Some questions are based on properly structuring the sentences, the candidate will also be asked to pick the correct pronoun indications, verb tenses and subject verb agreement. The candidate will also have to attempt questions related with punctuation's, tenses, spellings, capitalization etc.

In part 2, the candidate will be presented with a topic of general concern and he will have to write down his own viewpoints. The writing is basically given to test the candidate’s creativity, imagination power and his expression skills.


The mathematics portion is made up of 50 multiple choice questions and the candidate has to complete all these questions within the given time limit of 90 minutes. The mathematics test consists of two parts. The questions are related to geometry, algebra, probability, patterns, functions, data analysis, charts, graphs, tables etc. In this test, all the questions are not basically multiple choice in nature.


There are 50 multiple-choice questions in the science section. The candidate has to finish the science test in 80 minutes. The problems that are put in the test are related with life science, earth science, space science, physics and chemistry. A few questions are presented in the form of charts, graphs and maps.

Social Studies:

The social studies test contains a total of 50 multiple-choice questions, which the candidate must complete in a total of 80 minutes. The questions are based on topics like history of the world, America and Canada. It also has questions based on economics, civics, government and geography.

GED Testing Transcripts

It is important to collect relevant information related to the testing transcripts. This will help you in getting a copy of your transcripts if you so desire. Here is some info related to the transcripts.

The candidate can ask for the copy of his scores. He can get the scores mailed to the college or university, which he plans to take admission into. If desired he can also get the  scores mailed to his employer or to himself, but for this he must submit a written application to the testing office. He will have to mail the request fee along with the application.

In order to maintain the candidate’s privacy, the scores are not disclosed over the telephone. The transcripts are mailed to the candidate, his employer or college directly from the testing center, but a written permission with candidate’s signed request is required to dispatch the scores. The signed letter consists detailed information regarding the candidate’s full name, date of birth, address on which the scores should be mailed and the social security number. The candidate must put his signature on the letter and should enclose the testing transcript fee.

Though the candidate can prepare for the test in a number of ways.  In order to take the test he will have to go to the testing center. The candidate should contact the authorities of the local colleges or schools located in his district as they offer the information related to the test. If the candidate is unable to get the desired dates for the test in his own district, then he can apply for a testing center in another district also. Therefore, the candidate who was unable to complete high school education but possesses the required knowledge and skills equivalent to a student who has graduated, can appear in this test in the correct manner, provided he has the correct testing info. Certification cannot be earned through internet or through any other correspondence programs. If you have got some information that states that you can take the test online, then be sure that it is a fraud and that the website is cheating you.

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