Importance Of The GED

It is equivalent to a high school diploma. It is advisable that the candidate after getting diploma, should considering taking admission in a junior college or a local community college for the first two years. The basic requirements for getting oneself admitted in a junior college are less strict as compared to those of a regular four-year college. If the candidate is able to get good scores then on the basis of those scores he can get himself admitted into any community college and later on shift to any university of his choice.

After attaining the diploma, the candidate can also apply for a job of his own choice. But in order to do so, the candidate has to undergo testing. Before taking the test, he should gain knowledge regarding a number of things like registration, eligibility,  scores, subjects, testing centers, preparation, testing dates etc.


Each and every candidate is given an opportunity to show his skill in the test. But in case of some particular candidate, it may not be easy to demonstrate his skill under the required standard testing conditions as a disability may act as a hindrance in his way. The candidate's disability could affect his ability to learn, retain and regenerate the required information. Such disabilities can affect the candidates ability to read the print, write properly, solve mathematical problems, speak or sit continuously for long hours etc.

If the candidate is suffering from any sort of a disability like attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, recapture, blindness, low vision, deafness, aphasia or any other such disorder, he can get a certificate issued, documenting his disability and then contact his local testing center and request for accommodation for taking the test. Before this, the candidate will have to complete and submit a few forms.

Once the candidate's disability will be documented and accommodation will be approved, the local chief examiner would make proper arrangements using the approved accommodation. No extra charge will be incurred to the candidate for the accommodation.

The facilities provided will include the audiocassettes, Braille, talking calculator, private room, video- enhancing technologies and a sign language interpreter.


In order to clear, the candidate must secure a minimum score of 2250 points. The average score that the candidate must get is 450 points in the five tests. He should not get a score less than 410 points, which is the required criteria to qualify the testing certificate. The scores are valid for a period of two years from the date on which the candidate takes the test. The scores of all the five tests can vary from 200 points to 800 points. The average score can vary from state to state. Scores of part 1 and part 2 of writing and mathematics are reported as a single testing score.


In order to prepare for the test, the candidate can refer to a number of books, as books are a permanent storehouse of unlimited information. The books available for preparation are handy and can be referred to at any time and any place. The candidate can also prepare by attending classes and studying under the guidance of the trainer instructors. Online preparation as well as softwares also help the candidate in undertaking the preparation task. The physically disabled candidates can also prepare for the test with the help of personal instructors, Braille or tape recorders.

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