GED Test Scores

Understand the GED Test Scores

This exam is taken on five topics. These are Language (reading and writing), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. If you are planning to take the exam or you have taken it and are confused about what your scores mean, then this article can help you.

What Is the Passing Score In the GED Test?

In order to pass, you need a minimum score of 410 in each subject and a minimum total score of 2250. Since there are five subjects, the average score required for each subjects appears to be 450 and not 410, but as long as you have obtained a score of 410 in a subject, you are permitted to make up the difference in another subject. To score a minimum of 2250, you need to answer around 60% of all the questions correctly.

If you are planning to pursue higher studies at a college, you should check with the college you are interested in about its requirement regarding the scores. Different educational institutions have different admission criteria. If your scores are not sufficient to gain you admission to the college of your choice, you could take a preparatory course and take the exam again.

What Are Standard Scores and Percentile Ranks?

The test consist of two scores, the standard score and the percentile rank. Each correct answer is awarded one point. No points are awarded or deducted for an incorrect answer. All the points that you obtain are added up, and then converted to a standard score. The standard score is represented on a scale of 200 to 800. The average of this score is known as the average standard score. It is obtained by dividing the standard score by 5. This score is used to compare your performance with others who have taken the exam. For instance, if your total score is 2500, your average standard score will be 500.

The writing section of the Language test is scored in a different manner. Two readers perform individual assessments of the essay. They grade the essay on a 4-point scale. This grading is done based on an overall impression of the essay. The scores of the two readers are averaged. The average is combined with the score you received in the multiple-choice section. This results in a composite score, which is the score that is finally considered.

The percentile rank compares your scores with high school students who have graduated. For instance, if your percentile rank is 75, it means that you have scored better than 75% of high school seniors who graduated. In general, people who pass the exam are known to possess the academic knowledge and skills of more than 40% of graduating high school seniors.

If you are not able to pass, you may take the exam again until you get the scores that you are satisfied with. You may also re-take only one subject at a time, until you pass the complete exam. Each time you take the exam, your new scores will replace your old one. This means that if you failed in your first attempt and you passed it in your second, your new scores will show the score of the exam that you passed.

The testing site where you took the exam will inform you about getting the transcript of your scores. If you took the exam while you were in an organization such as the military services, you can use the following link to get your transcript: