Preparation enables the candidate to achieve his academic goals. It helps the candidate in increasing his retention power and prepares him with important skills. There are a number of integrated video programs, textbooks and softwares and online programs which provide the candidate with a number of learning styles. It also helps the candidate to tackle the time management skills and prepare for each of the test subjects in a proper manner.

A few ways by the help of which the candidate can undertake preparation are as follows:


A number of softwares have been developed for test preparation. These softwares are generally user friendly, are quite easy to handle and operate. They have got simple operating procedures and do not need any sort of technical help. These days a number of test preparation softwares are being used on a larger scale as compared to any other  method.

They provide the candidate with all the basic information that he needs regarding all the five subjects. These softwares are very effective tools, as they help the candidate in understanding from low-level skills to advanced level skills. The candidate can attain information about each of the five tests through these softwares This is thus considered a very popular medium for preparation.


The DVD's are the latest addition in the field of preparation. DVDs are in the form of documentaries, which has the content that covers all the five subjects. They also contain expert reviews and the candidate who makes use gets an opportunity to listen to the experts who are related with various fields.

The candidates get a chance to see as well as hear the various skills that he will have to use in order to prepare for the test. Thus it can be said that this is a useful audio-visual aid. Generally they are divided into sets of 10 DVDs, which are correlated with each other. They include an orientation program for the candidate, it also gives an in-depth description of all the five subjects and related syllabus and thus helps the candidate in exploring the various ways for preparing for the test.


With the advancement of technology, the methods of preparation have also undergone a number of changes. Nowadays, the test which is being conducted, is that of 2002 version. The number of candidates who want to appear for the test is increasing considerably day by day and so is the demand for preparation. It is not practically possible for each and every test taker to be physically present in classroom on a regular basis.

So in order to help such a candidate, the experts have introduced a number of other methods through which the candidate can undergo preparation. One of the latest inventions  is that of VHS tapes or videos. These tapes are generally available in 39 episodes. These episodes first of all orient the candidate about the test, then give useful tips as to how to study. These tapes also contain a number of sample questions. Expert reviews are also provided. They tell the candidate how to generate the proper skills, write effectively and how to make use of proper words. These tapes give the candidate appropriate points as to how the candidate can improve his spellings, punctuation and other writing mechanics. It also provides effective essay writing tips. The candidate also gets an opportunity to have an inside view of the kind of questions that they will have to deal with in the main test.

The VHS tapes provide the candidate with useful tips related to the interpretation of maps, charts, graphics and other pictorial information related with social studies and science test. They also help the candidate in preparing for the mathematics and reading test by providing tips on problem solving.


The textbooks offer the candidate with an outstanding opportunity to prepare for the test. A number of textbooks are available in the stores and all are in accordance with the different levels of the candidates. Books are one of the most easily available tools. They cover all five subjects. These books provide the candidate with a number of practice tests, which helps the candidate to gain confidence and evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. Each section contains a number of instructions and skills. The practice tests are accompanied with the answer keys. The books also contain a well-explained index. Each topic is explained in detail with complete explanation. These books also contain a page full of mathematical formulae and scientific terms to help the candidate prepare. The candidate is also provided with information on how to use to Casio fx 260 solar calculator. It prepares the candidate to solve the maps, graphs, charts etc. The books also explain the various types of formats that the candidate will come across in the test.

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