Characteristics Of The GED

It is necessary to know about the test if you are going to take it in the near future. This is a program that is specially designed for people who are 18 years or older who have been unable to pursue regular and formal education due to some reason or the other. It is conducted, directed and organized by American Council of Education. The American Council of Education, which was established in 1918, helps such individuals to appear for higher education and upgrade their qualification. It helps to certify their academic caliber.

On clearing the test, a diploma is issued to the candidates. Many colleges and universities recognize this diploma across America. Along with upgrading the qualifications, the  test also helps the candidates to apply for and take up various jobs related to this diploma. Before appearing for the main test, it is mandatory for the candidate to appear for the pre-test. The pre-test is usually conducted to testify the effectiveness and caliber of the examinees. The pre-test checks whether the candidate has the ability to clear the actual  test.

After clearing the pre-test, the examinee can sit for the main test. Here, the examinees will have to undergo five tests in total. Here is some information about the sections in the test:

  • Language Arts, Writing, Part 1 , Language Arts, Writing, Part 2 (Essay)
  • Social Studies.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Language Arts, Reading.

Each of the above stated sections have to be cleared individually. 410 should be scored per test by the test-taker.

1. GED Language Arts, Writing Test 1

The Language Arts, Writing Test, Part 1 has 50 multiple-choice questions in total. The time allotted to complete this part is 75 minutes.

The content areas that the questions address and other details about the questions pertaining to this test are given below:

  1. Organization-:
  2. 15% of this section of the test is based on Organization. In Organization, the paragraphs or ideas within the paragraph are given in a haphazard manner. The examinee is required to restructure the paragraphs or ideas. Next the examinee will have to create unity and logically integrate the paragraph to create consistency and coherence.

  3. Sentence Structure -:
  4. This covers 30 % of the Language Arts, Writing test, Part 1.This part will contain questions related to sentence structure. In this the candidate will have to correct the sentence fragments. The sentence might be broken away from the whole or detached or it might be incomplete. The examinee will have to choose the correct structure of the sentence.

    The test will also contain run-on sentences, commas splices and misplaced modifiers. The misplaced modifiers are given to limit the meaning of another word or the phrase. Along with these there will be improper coordination and subordination of sentence structure that the candidate will have to correct. Hence, it is necessary to have a good knowledge about the test questions of this type for answering these questions correctly.

  5. Usage -:
  6. 30% of this section will be related to Usage. The errors to be recognized will be related to subject-verb agreement, pronoun indication and the verb tense. You will be asked to choose the correct option out of the given options.

  7. Mechanics -:
  8. Mechanics covers 25% of the Language Arts, Writing test. In Mechanics, the possessives will be given incorrectly. For instance, there will be errors in the addition of the final ‘s’ for nouns and pronouns preceded by an apostrophe. There will be errors in contractions, i.e.; the shortening of a word or phrase will be done by the omission of one or more letters or sounds. The candidate will have to choose the correct option.

    Homonyms will also be given incorrectly. The word with the same pronunciation as another but with different meaning and spelling will be given. The correct option will have to be picked up.

    The errors in mechanics are related to capitalization, punctuation and spellings. Make sure that you had enough practice in solving these types of questions and that you collect adequate information about the questions or else you might not be able to do well in the writing test.

GED Language Arts, Writing Part 2

This part consists of an essay related to a general topic. Part 2 evaluates the test-taker’s ideas regarding the topic. You will be asked to present your point of view or idea in 45 minutes.

The score of both the parts are combined and reported as a single score.

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