Salient Features Of Some Good GED Study Materials

Top 5 GED Prep Materials

One thing essential for preparing well for the battery tests is having access to high quality material. Such material can be hard to find. It may be available for free or you might have to pay something to secure access to it. Here is a brief introduction to the Top 5 materials available today.

PBS Literary Link (

This is a website run by KET which is approved by the American Council on Education as being capable of providing appropriate study material. Using the website is free of charge. The site has created virtual classrooms where you can take video lessons on different topics from the five subjects that comprise the test. It also has various fun activities that can enhance your learning and keep it enjoyable at the same time. You will also have access to a lot of free practice tests which are both full-length and subject specific.

Paxen Learning Cooperation (

This is another organization which is affiliated with ACE which provides study material. The program they run is called Xcelerator and they offer a number of preparation materials which are excellent. They offer an all-in-one set as well as individual textbooks and workbooks for each subject. Though these materials are a bit costly, they are excellent when it comes to quality.

GED for Free (

This is a very popular free site for preparation and concentrates on each subject individually providing the student with video lessons to enhance his conceptual understanding. It has an extensive Math section which is very useful as students tend to face maximum difficulty in this subject. The website makes available subject-wise practice tests and also full-length practice tests. Users have access to a guide or a tutor who they can contact to clarify additional doubts. Apart from the above, the website will give you a lot of tips and strategies which would help you gain a higher score.

Practice 4 GED (

This website is owned by Steck-Vaughn which is the company that ACE has entrusted with the distribution of practice test. The website has some free materials as well as paid materials which you can use to study as well as practice your skills. When you register with the website, they will help you create a study plan and mark your progress. You can consult an expert for clearing any doubts that you might have. You will also have access to materials ten times the amount you would have access to if you did not register for the site. These materials conform to the highest quality standards and you can be assured of achieving a brilliant score on the test by fully utilizing your membership of the website.

Tata McGraw-Hill

Tata McGraw Hill comes out with several books that are suited to your preparatory requirements. They also have a website where they provide free study material for the test. Each subject has its own website. The websites also include section wise tests and full length mock tests with detailed solutions. Consult the list below to find the link for the website of the subject you wish to prepare for.

The creators of the website have tried to present the content suitable for those opting to study on their own.

Study material is very important in your preparation. Make sure you know all your concepts and then focus on practicing as many mock tests as you can. This will ensure your success.

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