Utilizing Different Types Of GED Study Materials

How to Make the Most of a GED Study Guide

Preparing on your own can be a daunting task and the process becomes even more difficult if you do not have a proper guide. A study guide should help you not only prepare for the examination but also provide you with the much needed tips and strategies that will help you take the test more efficiently. The exam tests your knowledge of high school level Science, Mathematics, Language and Social Studies. Thus, the one that you select must cover all the topics exhaustively as well as extensively. However, before you select a guide ensure that you know how to use it to your advantage. Some tips to help you utilize a guide are discussed in the following section.

Features and Use of Your GED Study Guide

The study guide that you select might be a book or even an online course. The type of guide that you select will depend upon your requirements. However, they should have some features that you should be able to use to your advantage. Those features and how you should use them are as follows:

  • The study guide that you select should address your weaknesses. For example if you are going to buy a book then you could consider buying the one that emphasizes the areas that you are weak in. Similarly, if you enroll in an online course ensure that it provides you with tips to overcome your weaknesses.
  • It should contain a number of practice tests. These tests will give you a feel of the actual examination. Moreover, you can use this feature to your advantage by setting the practice tests as goals for yourself. You could decide how many practice tests you will complete in a given time period and see if you are actually able to do so. In order to be able to succeed in achieving the goals you have set your study guide must have a number of practice tests.
  • As you prepare, you will see that time is the greatest constraint in the examination. So if you wish to ace the examination you will have to learn to understand the problem, analyze it and then answer it in a very short time. Thus, the study material that you select should teach you the techniques of answering questions fast and you should be able to apply these techniques to the practice questions given in the guide you have selected.
  • If you select an online material, ensure that it is sufficient so that you don't have to buy supplemental study materials. This is important because if you have to follow more than one guide then it leads to confusion as well as unnecessary wastage of money.

You should remember the afore-mentioned points while selecting a study guide. To help you do so, some preparatory guides are discussed in the following section.

GED Study Guides that You Can Consider

Selecting a good book can become difficult if you have no idea about what the guide offers or the popularity of it. The McGraw Hill's GED: The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program for the GED Tests is probably the best known guide. As the name suggests it is a comprehensive book that covers all sections of the test.

Moreover, it incorporates all the changes that have been brought about in the examination post 2002, hence making it an up to date text. It also contains a number of practice tests as well as easily understandable tips and techniques to help you fare well in the test. The answer section of the book just does not provide the answers but also explanations substantiating the answer. Thus, if you want a guide book that provides complete and thorough help then you could check this book out.

"Complete GED Preparation by Ellen Northcutt" is another guide that you can consider. The unique feature of this book is that the practice questions that it consists of are very similar to the questions that you will come across in an actual test. It contains 2000 questions for practice along with the answers. It also thoroughly covers all sections of the examination. Thus, if you are looking for a study guide that provides sufficient practice then you can check this book out.

"5 GED Practice Tests by Princeton Review" provides practice tests designed to hone your skills in completing the test within the given time. This book is ideal for you if you want to learn time management. This guide too comes with an answer key so that you can measure your level of expertise. Moreover, since this book is published by an institute involved with preparing candidates for examinations, you can expect the teaching techniques the book employs will reflect the years of expertise.

Hence, before you buy a guide go through its reviews and then choose one. Try to follow a single study guide so that you are not confused by contradicting opinions that might appear in different books. Remember when you are preparing on your own the onus of doing it properly depends entirely on you and selecting the correct study guide will make the process easier.

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