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This test series comprising five tests altogether. Language Arts: Writing (two parts), Social Studies, Science, Language Arts: Reading and Mathematics are the subjects that are included. It is clear that you must put in a great deal of effort to score well. Further, for you to pass, you will have to cross the cut-off score that is set by the American Council on Education (ACE). A good book is the one that can help you improve your knowledge and skills in all the different test aspects. Selecting a good book requires your attention quite a lot. Explained below are some points regarding how to select the book.

Selecting a GED Study Book

There are many books available currently but you must select the one that can help you realize your goals. You must select a book that can help you make yourself competent in all the different aspects of the test.

  • You must see that the book you intend to select covers all the five test subject areas.
  • Achieving a high score can only be possible with rigorous practice. Merely gaining knowledge by simply learning the concepts by heart will not help. You must practice them through questions. For instance, in Mathematics test, you will have problems to solve which can be solved well only if you have practiced them earlier.
  • If you are taking the test after a considerable gap from your academic learning experience, then you must be very careful in selecting the book. You must have a clear understanding of all the concepts with solved examples to make yourself competent from the exam point of view.
  • You must also see if the book that you wish to prefer has full test papers in order to make you understand the real test in a better way.
  • Most importantly, you cannot fully rely upon any single book or material. You must go through a couple of text books in order to study any topics or important concepts that a single book might miss out. This way, you can prepare thoroughly for the test. Reviewed below are few books available for free that you can get online for your preparation.

Master the GED by Peterson's

This is a famous book that you can download online. It is a fully comprehensive guide that provides you with preparation support for all the five tests. With expert tips and instructions, it provides you with a full-fledged support for the test areas. Apart from an in-depth review, it also provides you with three full-length practice tests with detailed explanations for every single question. It also explains to you any new changes in the exam pattern, provides hundreds of exercises and practice questions that are very much similar to the ones that appear in the real exam. Visit the following webpage to find the link to the downloadable file: http://www.ebookee.org/Master-the-GED-2011_751694.html

GED Test Study Guide by Study Guide Zone

exclusively includes strategies for every single test area. Further, it provides you with It is a strategic study material that explains to you different strategies that you may require for each test in order to answer the questions asked in a much better way. This booksome test resources that will be helpful for you to prepare for the exam. Each test area is explained with strategies. For instance, there are 22 different strategies explained for the Writing test in order to make you aware of the common mistakes and tips have been provided to help you overcome them. Although, this book might not help you practice for the test, it is a very good source to kick-start your preparation by learning various preparation strategies. Visit the following link for this free book: http://www.studyguidezone.com/pdfs/gedteststudyguide.pdf

GED Test Prep by Learning Express Editors

This is yet another book that is fully comprehensive. It contains all the necessary explanations for each test and provides you with hundreds of practice questions in order to make yourself competent for the exam. Visit the following webpage to find the link to the downloadable file: http://www.ebookee.org/GED-Test-Prep-free-ebook-download_1341822.html

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