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Online preparation is a very useful and comfortable method. You can get formal instructions in the subjects, which you haven’t studied before through adult education programs and centers and through the internet. Study materials are also available on the internet. You can also attend courses or can study on your own. You can also study from the books, which are available in the market. There are lots of websites that provide study materials in the form of question banks and full length practice tests. These materials contain guidelines to help the students and thus improve their performance. Here is some information which can help you to plan your study.

Language Arts, Reading

There are a total of 40 multiple-choice questions and the time allotted to finish this test is 65 minutes. The questions are divided into two sections i.e. Literary Text and Non literary Text. While you study for this section keep the following in mind. Before answering the questions related to Literary and Non-literary Text study the main ideas related to poetry, drama and prose fiction. Break down the text, analyze the main content and then answer the questions. Learn to keep a check on the time limit and attempt the questions accordingly.

While preparing for the reading section, read the title and the sub heading which introduce the topic. Before reading the whole text it is advised that you should go through the questions first, then come back to the text and read it. Skim through the text fairly quickly, scanning for clues as to where the information might be found. This means that you need to read faster than you normally do. Locate the right information in the passage, in this way you will know what you are looking for and thus will be able to choose the correct option for the question. You should study how to identify the main and supporting ideas, understand arguments or opinions and make inferences and thus answer the questions.


The total umber of questions asked here are 50 and the time given to complete these questions is 90 minutes. The test is divided into two parts having equal number of questions. In order to prepare for mathematics test, you should include questions related to Geometry, Algebra, Data Analysis, Number Operations, Problem Solving, Measurements and Statistics in your study. For this test you must practice mathematical formulae every day so that you become well versed with them. Develop shortcuts in order to memorize the formulas. Practice as many problems related to each topic as possible daily. Prepare a timetable and give equal time to prepare each topic. Read the question well, don’t get baffled, thoroughly analyze the question and then try to solve it with a cool mind. In this section, speed matters a lot, so try to practice as many problems as possible within a time limit. Written practice of the problems is a must as all the questions will not be completely multiple-choice questions. Try to use as much mental math as possible to strengthen your problem solving ability and thus save time.


The science test contains 50 multiple-choice questions, to be completed in 80 minutes time. Questions related to Life science, Earth Science and Space Science are asked. You should study as many books as possible based on these topics, so that you gain full knowledge and thus gain confidence. The information can be put in the form of charts, tables, graphs or a figures and a number of questions could be based on them. Study the overall pattern and the significant features within them, summarize the data, select the appropriate details and organize the material in a relevant way in order to fulfill the question requirements satisfactorily and try to answer the questions. Keep the time limit in mind and then subsequently answer the questions.

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