Essential Information About The GED

How Does GED Test Your Capabilities?

The GED Test:

You may miss your proper high school diploma due to several reasons. Likewise, due to many factors, you may found it difficult to get back to complete your diploma. In such a case, taking this test becomes a practicable choice. This test allows you to display similar skills as you would have shown in school. Hence, it has become a compound concept. The college officials often consider these scores and a school diploma at similar levels. This exam provides you another opportunity to show your skills on five different grounds. We shall discuss these grounds under the following headings.

Sections of GED:

It gives you an alternate option to show your skills and abilities in different fields. Let us, in the following points, discuss the content of the exam:

a) Language Arts, Writing Part I and Part II: This is the first section. In the Part I you will be asked to improve paragraphs, detect sentence faults and punctuate written materials, etc. Part II of the Writing section involves essay-writing where you have to compose an essay in response to an essay prompt.

This part carries 50 multiple choice questions while the Part II carries one essay question. In the Part II of this section, you will receive essay prompts to which you have to frame your response. The essay prompt may ask you to form an opinion about a certain theme or to form an argument on a given subject.

b) Language Arts, Reading: You have to read and comprehend paragraphs that are based on topics of general concern. Based on your interpretation, you have to answer questions that are formed in favor of the given paragraph.

This section carries 40 multiple-choice questions.

c) Science: Here, your basic knowledge of fundamental science topics and subjects is tested. You will get questions, testing your knowledge about physical science, chemistry, etc.

There are 50 multiple-choice questions in this section.

d) Social Studies: This section judges your outlook on primary and societal subjects. Such knowledge extends to historical facts about US, Canada and the World, along with Geographical facts, etc.

There are 50 multiple-choice questions in this section too.

e) Mathematics: This section evaluates your capability to solve key mathematical sums and problems. It provides you a platform to display your numerical skills, your knowledge about algebra, numbers and related concepts.

There will be two parts in the Mathematics section, each carrying 25 multiple-choice questions. It carries an additional alternate-format question section. In here, you have to work out your own answers and enter them in particular grids.

Is GED Equal to High School Diploma?

After much discussion on the test, this is the most pertinent question that pops into our mind. The scores can be used by the college officials as a criterion for college admission. In the following points, let us discuss how this exam evaluates your ability to handle college level courses:

  • The test takers will be awarded the pass marks, only when he/she gets more than 60% aggregate in the five sections. Generally, the test takers have to study a lot before taking the exam, so that their abilities can be matched with a regular student having a high school diploma.
  • It measures the consistency of its test takers by administering a seven-hours five minutes long test. This is done to check the test takers' zeal to retain their patience and strive to get the required results to score high. Therefore, the test assesses the exact skills of the test taker to opt for college level courses. However, there are a few countries in which the test is taken in parts over a period of two-three days. Nevertheless, your patience is checked at every levels of this test.
  • The employers at several job centres consider these scores equal to a high school diploma. This is a unique feature of this exam. It prepares its test takers optimally so that he/she may be considered equally by the employers for jobs. Even at colleges and universities, it is considered as a viable criterion for admission.

As we can see from the above discussion, this is as important as the school diploma. If you score high, you can stand a good chance to get in a college. Hence, it is a very useful exam that gives you an alternate chance to complete your schooling.

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