Requirements To Be Fulfilled To Take The GED

Prerequisites for GED Testing

The test was instituted in 1942 to help the World War II veterans to get back to civilian life. Most of the soldiers had not completed high school. This test was a boon to such people to get a diploma. Now, this test is very useful for adults who have not had a formal high school education. After the completion of the test, you can take up higher studies. This diploma certificate is recognized as an equivalent to a traditional diploma.

A non-profit program of the American Council on Education (ACE), the General Educational Development Testing Services (GEDTS) has developed this test and administers it. This test is now offered by all the 50 states of the US, the District of Columbia, US territories, insular areas, Canada and internationally. The requirements for each state vary but the states have to follow a minimum requirement level set by the testing service.

GED Requirements

The following are the general requirements. The administrator of each state can be contacted for the specific requirements of the particular state.

  • Residency: You can take up the test in a state only if you are the resident of that state. You have to have a valid identity card of the sate you wish to take up the test in. It can either be a driver's license, ID card issued by the state, a military ID or passport.
  • Age: Most states have set 18 years as the age requirement for taking up the test, while some have it as 16 years. Many states offer age waiver on special conditions. They have set 18 years as one of the requirements to ensure that students don't drop out of high school, so that they can take up the test.
  • Fees: A fee has to be paid to register for the test. This fee varies from state to state and it is best to look up the individual state's website to learn about the fees. The fee can vary within the state as well. The fee to take up the test at California state is approximately around $150. Each center's fee structure varies slightly within the California state.
  • Languages: The test is administered in Spanish, French and English. All centers do not offer all the three languages. It is best to contact the center, where you will be taking up the test to know the languages they offer.
  • Educational Background: Students who have not enrolled in a formal school or have received a high school diploma cannot take up the test. If you have a 9th grade or higher knowledge in reading, writing and mathematics, the preparation will be easy.
  • Preparation: Preparation is very important to get the certificate. Most states offer free coaching for the test. You can also do self-study preparation. Lots of books are available which can be accessed from the local library for preparation. There are 5 subjects that are tested and they are Literary Arts- Writing, Literary Arts- Reading, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Each subject is scored in the range of 200-800. You are required to score a minimum of 410 in each subject and a total of 2250 to pass in the test. You can retake the subject you fail in. To get these minimum scores to pass, a thorough preparation is required.

Before you attempt the test, take up a mock test to understand your skill levels. Learn about the requirements of your state and check if you fulfill all of them. Prepare thoroughly and sincerely to pass the test. The diploma will help you to enroll for higher studies or get a better job.

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