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If you have taken the test before, you have to mention it along with the scores obtained. The registration form will be considered incomplete until and unless the applicant doesn’t put the signature. Candidates who are citizens of America and Canada but are residing in some other country can also register and appear for the test.

In case you are less than 18 years of age then in order to register, you will have to produce an official withdrawal letter from the last school that you attended. A letter of recommendation from an American Education Institution expressing readiness to the test will also be required and an attested document with a signature seal showing the parental consent will also have to be produced. This is because any candidate who is below the age of 18 years will not be allowed to appear for the test without prior permission from his parents or immediate guardians.

At the time of registering, you will have to fill up a demographics form mentioning age, sex, income etc. The test fee must be paid at the time of booking the test. The criterion differs from state to state.

There are various methods through which you can register. You can mail in the form to the concerned authorities. The form can also be faxed in order to save the traveling time. The forms are also available on line. If desired, you can fill up and submit it online. The form can be downloaded from the official websites. This method of registering will help you in saving time and also if you are residing in an area, which is far away from the registration center, then you will not have to travel for hours just to fill up the form. If desired you can also walk in with your complete registration documents that will be required at the time of registration. The benefit of walk-in registration is that if there will be some amendments to be made, then it would be done at that very moment. In some states the test seekers may register using web adviser. You must have your login and password, and before accessing web advisor you must have met the academic advisor. It is advisable to get an early registration done in order to get the test date and center of your choice as the dates are limited and the candidates who want to appear for the test are comparatively more, otherwise you will have to travel to a far off center which might prove to be very inconvenient and also a lot of time will be wasted in traveling from one place to another. Early registration is advisable as it will save you from last minute hiccups, as there are a number of documents that you might have to attach along with the form and so you will get ample amount of time to collect and submit them in case the authorities feel that the documents submitted are not sufficient enough. If you get the registration done within the given time limit it will also save you from late fee, which is basically charged if the form is not submitted to the collection center on time.

Thus in order to appear for the test, the very first step that the test taker has to take is to get himself registered in the center which is nearest to the place where he resides.

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