It primarily provides an opportunity to adults to upgrade their qualifications, who for some reason or the other were unable to attain formal and regular education. The revised series of the test are reflective of the changes that have taken place in the high school syllabus in the recent years across America. These tests place an increased emphasis on testing the knowledge and skills needed for acquiring higher education and jobs. The questions of the test are divided into five tests in total. In order to appear for the test you must be 18 years old or above, and should not have attended regular high school. The test takers should have the basic ability to read, write, comprehend, compute and express themselves.

This is a battery of five tests and it may take more than seven and a half hours to complete. In order to pass, a candidate should obtain an average of 450 or greater. In addition, he is required to obtain 410 per test.

All the five sections have different types of questions subject to special time limits.


This section contains 50 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 75 minutes. These questions are related to the following key areas-:


15% of the questions of this section of the test are related to Organization. These questions contain paragraphs or sentences, which the candidate has to organize in a proper order, within the main paragraph. The questions require the candidate to create unity, coherence and connect the paragraphs in a logical order.

30% of the questions are based on Sentence Structure. An incorrect or correct sentence will be given and you will be asked to choose one option and correct the incorrect part of the sentence, if any. You will also be asked to complete the incomplete sentence and frame the structure of the sentence in the right manner. Some questions will be based on comma splices and run on sentences. You will also be asked to choose the right modifiers in order to complete the meaning of the phrase or the word.

Questions related to improper Coordination and Subordination of sentence structure will also be asked.

30% of the questions of this type will be based on usage. The candidate will be asked to choose the correct option for the incorrectly given Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronoun Indication and the Verb tense.

25% of the questions will be related to Mechanics. The questions are basically related to punctuation's, spellings and capitalization. In this category, the Possession will be given in an incorrect order and you will be asked to choose the correct option. In another type, the Contractions will also have errors i.e. the word or phrase will be trimmed down by subtracting one or more letters or sounds. You will have to correct it. There will be questions based on mistakes in Homonyms and you will have to choose the right option.

Part 2 of the Language Arts, Writing will require you to write at least 250 words. You will be presented with a topic and will be tested on your ability to respond by giving and justifying an opinion and discussing the topic. Part 2 evaluates the examinees' ideas regarding the topic. You will be asked to present your point of view or idea in 45 minutes

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