The GED Program

5 Reasons Why You Should Appear for the GED Program

What Is GED?

The one and only developer of this examination is the American Council on Education. If you are planning to take the test, you need to know that the tests will have to be taken in person. You cannot take them online. Once you are through with the examination, you will be given a certificate. Only those people who do not have high school diploma take this examination. This program is not only available in English but it is also offered in other languages such as French and Spanish.

Why Take the GED?

If you have doubts whether or not you should take the test, you can read the points below:

  • If you do not have a high school diploma, the certificate will serve as a substitute for this.
  • Candidates who did not finish high school but who wish to study in a college or university can take this test and enrol for higher education.
  • Most employers are looking for those candidates who have a high school certification. Taking this test will give you a certification equivalent to this.
  • You will be able to have more job opportunities when you have this certification.
  • It will also give you personal satisfaction to know that you have a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma.

Sections of the GED Program

  • Language Arts: Writing- There are two parts in this test section and these are Part 1 and Part 2. The first part will test the mechanics, organization, usage and structure of the language and the candidate will have to finish fifty questions in seventy-five minutes. The second part will require the candidate to write an essay and the time given to him will be forty-five minutes.
  • Language Arts: Reading- This test section will consist of forty questions and the candidate will have to finish it in sixty-five minutes. It consists of two non-fiction and five fiction passages. The non-fiction passages may include articles, biographies or letters and the fiction passages may include a poem, prose or play. The candidate will have to work on questions related to each of these passages.
  • Mathematics- It consists of fifty questions and the candidate will be given ninety minutes to complete the Mathematics section. Of the fifty questions, forty will consist of multiple-choice questions and the remaining ten will require the candidate to write the answers in the coordinate-plane or numerical grid. Some of the topics that will be tested are geometry, algebra, statistics, measurement, number sense, number operation, data analysis and patterns.
  • Science- This part consists of fifty multiple-choice questions and the time given to finish this section is eighty minutes. The questions will be related to physical science, space science, earth science and life science. Majority of the questions in the science test will be graphics, like diagram, charts or maps.
  • Social studies - This is the test that will have questions on geography, economics, world history, American history, civics and government. There will be fifty questions that you will have to complete in seventy minutes. Many questions will include charts, graphs and other images.


To score high marks in all the sections, you need to set aside enough time to study. Ideally, it will be best if you have at least three months to prepare for these tests. You can take the help of online courses or books to prepare for the same.

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